Smarty offer unlimited mobile data for £15

23 May 2024 10:53   By Lyndsey Burton

Get unlimited data, calls and texts for just £15 per month on a rolling contract with Smarty.

Smarty are currently offering customers an unlimited SIM only deal for just £15 per month for those who sign up before 26th June 2024.

The SIM only mobile deal comes with unlimited data, as well as unlimited calls and texts. 5G and 4G data speeds are both supported and there are no speed restrictions.

The one-month plan can be cancelled at any time, and customers can even use their plan in Europe - subject to fair use restrictions.

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Unlimited data for £15

New and existing Smarty customers can to the Unlimited data SIM-only plan for just £15 per month with no long-term commitments.

The plan includes unlimited data over both 5G and 4G connections, unlimited calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles, unlimited texts, and the plan can even be used in Europe - subject to a 12GB cap on data.

Smarty also supports WiFi Calling and unrestricted tethering, and unlike other low-cost deals, there are no speed restrictions on this unlimited data plan either.

The deal is provided on a rolling monthly contract that can be cancelled at anytime, and customers can sign up without a credit check.

by 26th June 2024.

Discounted data

Smarty are also offering three other deals at the moment, including .

Usually costing £10 per month, customers can get the deal for just £5 for the first three months, with no minimum term.

This deal also runs until 26th June 2024 and customers can sign up here.

For those who want slightly more data, Smarty are also offering their - just £10 per month, and their - just £8 per month.

Both of these deals run from now until 1st July 2024, so customers can benefit from the additional data allowances over the summer months.


A virtual mobile network operator, Smarty uses the Three Mobile network, and provides connectivity over both 5G and 4G networks.

The promotional offers above have specific terms and conditions, but the discounted prices generally last for up to 15 months where a customer remains active and renews the plan each month.

The unlimited data deal is one of the cheapest unlimited plans available, with other options currently including ID Mobile, who also uses Three, for £16 on a 24-month contract, or £18 on a 1-month contract.

ASDA Mobile, who uses the Vodafone network, offers an Unlimited Value plan for £20 per month on a 1-month term, but speeds are restricted to just 2Mbps. For faster mobile speeds, ASDA Mobile's Unlimited Superfast plan allows speeds up to 150Mbps but costs £24 per month.

Other unlimited mobile SIM deals range from £25 to £30 per month or more, so the £15 offer from Smarty is very good value for money with no long-term commitments or speed limitations.


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