CityFibre continue full fibre rollout in Bognor Regis

17 June 2024 10:45   By Lyndsey Burton

CityFibre update on build progress in Bognor Regis, as the alt-net expands into new areas.

More residents in Bognor Regis will soon be able to benefit from faster, more reliable, broadband with CityFibre continuing their build in the seaside town.

Rolling out their full fibre broadband in Bognor Regis since 2022, CityFibre are now moving into areas of Middleton-on-Sea, Elmer Sand and Flansham.

Providers selling CityFibre's full fibre broadband include household names such as TalkTalk, Vodafone, and Zen Internet.

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Bognor Regis build update

CityFibre, an independent full fibre broadband network, started rolling out gigabit connections in Bognor Regis in 2022, and has since connected the areas of Aldwick, North Bersted, South Bersted, Shipney, Hotham and Felpham.

The latest update from the alternative network (alt-net) sees CityFibre bringing their build to the areas of Middleton-on-Sea, Elmer Sand, and Flansham.

Residents connected in these areas will soon be able to order ultrafast and gigabit-capable full fibre to the home broadband deals from CityFibre resellers including TalkTalk, Vodafone, and Zen Internet.

TalkTalk offer four full fibre broadband plans in CityFibre enabled areas, with download speeds up to 944Mbps on average and prices from £28 per month for 77Mbps.

Vodafone also offer a similar number of deals, but pricing starts much lower at just £24 per month for 82Mbps, or customers can go as fast as 910Mbps from just £31 per month. Vodafone also offer an extra £3 discount for customers who also have a Vodafone pay monthly mobile plan.

Adrian Smith, CityFibre's Partnership Manager for Bognor Regis, said: "Our full fibre rollout in Bognor Regis is progressing well and as we expand into new areas, we're enabling even more residents and businesses to enjoy the benefits of gigabit speeds and ultra-reliable connectivity. Digital infrastructure underpins so much of modern life so we're excited to see the impact that our world-class network will bring to the town. We'd like to thank residents for their continued support as we work to complete our network."

2.5Gbps broadband

CityFibre's network of full fibre to the home broadband is being built to support symmetrical speeds of up to 2.5Gbps - which means download and upload speeds are both multi-gigabit capable.

New connections being rolled out in Bognor Regis should support this multi-gigabit speed, although there are yet any retail providers offering the 2.5Gbps plan to customers.

While the plan was first launched in July 2023, so far, only Vodafone has come forward with plans of their own to sell the multi-gigabit connection. We've covered details of Vodafone's 2.2Gbps broadband plan in our guide to the fastest broadband in the UK, yet it's still not available for retail customers to sign up for.

Other multi-gigabit broadband providers include Virgin Media, with their Gig2 plan which went live in February 2024 for customers connected via the new full fibre Nexfibre network, and Trooli - who also operate in the South East of England - whose 2Gbps plan went live at the start of June 2024.

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