Trooli offer 2Gbps full fibre broadband plan

3 June 2024 14:13   By Lyndsey Burton

Full fibre provider Trooli have launched 2 gigabit broadband deal and boosted all upload speeds.

Trooli, an independent full fibre broadband network with availability focused in the South East of England, have launched their first multi-gig broadband package.

Over the weekend the provider launched an updated website, alongside a new Pro package offering 2Gbps upload and download speeds for £49.99/mth.

Upload speeds are also now symmetrical across their entire line-up, and customers can get 10% off with voucher code COM24D1 on packages up to 1Gbps.

trooli 2gb

2Gb broadband

Trooli Pro, the provider's new multi-gig broadband deal, offers average download speeds of 2Gbps and average upload speeds of 2Gbps as well, making it symmetrical.

Available to new customers from 1st June 2024, the Pro package costs £49.99 per month and includes unlimited usage, free setup and a free router, on a 24-month minimum term.

Pro joins three other speed options from Trooli, including 150Mb, 500Mb and 900Mb plans. While Trooli doesn't offer a digital home phone service, customers can add WiFi boosters and choose an optional static IP address.

A spokesperson at Trooli told us, "The decisions to launch both a 2Gbps package and offer symmetrical speeds were taken due to a great deal of customer feedback, asking for us to provide those services as part of our offer.

"A huge number of people across our network footprint now rely on a fast, dependable internet connection in their day-to-day life, especially gamers and those working from home, so by offering speeds up to 2Gbps households will benefit from an internet connection up to 28 times faster than the UK average."

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Upload speed boost

As well as offering a new 2Gb broadband package, Trooli have also boosted the upload speed across their entire line-up to offer symmetrical speeds.

Their 150Mb, 500Mb, and 900Mb plans, now called, Essential, Extra, and Superior, have had their upload speeds boosted from 50Mbps, 200Mbps, and 300Mbps to 150Mbps, 500Mbps, and 900Mbps respectively.

Old upload speed New upload speed
150Mb (Essential) 50Mbps 150Mbps
500Mb (Extra) 200Mbps 500Mbps
900Mb (Superior) 300Mbps 900Mbps
2Gb (Pro) n/a 2Gbps

It's a move we're seeing more of as full fibre operators ensured they're using the latest XGS-PON technology, capable of download speeds up to 10Gbps with symmetrical uploads.

Virgin Media, for example, recently launched an optional upload speed boost add-on, which upgrades uploads to a symmetrical speed for an extra £6 per month. So far, it's only available where the provider has rolled out new XGS-PON full fibre connections.

This is one area where Openreach, resold by providers including BT and Sky, are a little more on the back foot compared to the smaller alt-nets like Trooli. Despite their larger FTTP footprint and strong take-up rates, Openreach full fibre is so far only offering customers asymmetrical uploads up to 120Mbps, with downloads capped at 1.8Gbps, due to utilising slightly older GPON technology.

Trooli told us the upgraded speeds were, "a straightforward transition for our network to make", but that, "the launch of a 2Gbps speed had not been possible for us until recently.".


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