Sky relaunches 900Mb Gigafast broadband plan

6 March 2023 17:17   By Lyndsey Burton

After a brief pause in sales, Sky has confirmed the relaunch of their gigabit-capable Gigafast broadband plan.

Sky Gigafast offers average download speeds of 900Mb and is provided as a full fibre to the home connection via the Openreach network.

Despite many other providers offering a similar plan, Sky paused sales to new customers in November 2022, due to network improvements.

It's relaunching at a monthly price of £54.50, with no setup fees on an 18-month minimum term contract.

sky gigafast
Source: Sky

Sky Gigafast

Gigafast is Sky broadband's fastest package, offering average download speeds of 900Mb.

It was withdrawn from sale in November 2022 due to what Sky said was a need to improve their network performance.

However, customers can order the plan again at a monthly price of £54.50 and no setup fees.

Package Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
Broadband Gigafast 900Mb average £54.50 Free 18 months
offer Offer: Reduced price for 18 months + No setup fee

The minimum term on this deal is 18-months, and it includes a home phone line as standard - despite many full fibre packages now coming as data-only lines.

Out of contract prices rise to £60 per month, and Sky say prices may rise during a contract, with customers seeing average price rises of 8.1% for April 2023.

Sky have confirmed any network upgrades have now completed, so customers can be assured they'll get a quality service Sky is known for.

"Providing a fast and reliable connection is our number one priority, we had temporarily paused sales to carry out work to upgrade and optimise the service - this is now complete."

Sky Gigafast comes with the Sky Broadband Hub, a WiFi 5 dual-band router, which is adequate for most households but starting to look a little dated when compared to some of the latest wireless routers.

Sky broadband

Sky also offer two other full fibre broadband packages, Ultrafast and Ultrafast Plus, these have continued to be sold however, and offer average download speeds of 145Mb and 500Mb respectively.

Sky Ultrafast Plus comes with a Speed Guarantee of 400Mb, which is the UK's fastest minimum speed guarantee across all main broadband providers selling 500Mb connections.

If customers don't get the minimum speed of 400Mb on their Ultrafast Plus package, they can get their money back.

While they also offer a whole home WiFi guarantee, it only promises minimum speeds of 3Mb in every room, which is fairly poor considering Virgin's WiFi Max guarantee promises 20Mb minimum speeds.

Full fibre broadband

Availability for Sky Gigafast is based on the Openreach full fibre network, which has currently passed 9.6 million premises.

Openreach plan to reach a total of 25 million premises by the end of 2025, and have a build rate of 62,000 premises per week.

As such, even those households who can't yet get Sky Gigafast will likely soon be connected to the Openreach network.

Those living in more rural areas may need to consider a more independent provider however, as we explore in our rural broadband guide.


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