Post Office broadband review: is it any good?

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By Julia Kukiewicz

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ALONGSIDE their range of banking, savings and travel money, the Post Office also offers range of broadband and home phone deals.

But is it any good? We take a look.




Customer service:

3.5 out of 5

Delivered over TalkTalk's wholesale network, the Post Office offer three broadband deals; unlimited up to 17Mb; fibre up to 38Mb; and fibre plus offering up to 76Mb.

While the Post Office use TalkTalk's infrastructure, customer billing and support is managed separately; and as we'll cover that means a substantial amount of their service will be different to that experienced by TalkTalk's own customers.

In this review of Post Office broadband we'll look at their packages and prices, how well they compete on cost, and of course an in-depth look at their reliability and customer support.

Special offers

When it comes to price the Post Office is currently the UK's cheapest broadband provider beating budget rivals Plusnet, TalkTalk and Origin.

The Post Office's current special offer brings their unlimited broadband deal in at just £19 for an extended 18-month period.

Post Office broadband offers

Post Office Broadband Offers

Get Post Office Unlimited Broadband for just £19/mth for 18 months, plus free set-up.

Hurry! Offer ends 31 January 2018.
Introductory offer. Online only, 18 month contract applies.

Post Office Broadband deals

In terms of broadband deals, the Post Office is on a par with most other comparable providers.

They keep it simple with three standard deals: up to 17Mb unlimited, up to 38Mb unlimited and up to 76Mb unlimited.

Package Broadband Contract term Upfront cost Monthly price
post office unlimited broadband Unlimited Broadband + Weekend calls Up to 17Mb
18 months Free £19
for 18 mths,
then £28
post office fibre broadband Unlimited Fibre Broadband + Weekend calls Up to 38Mb
18 months Free £28
for 18 mths,
then £36
post office fibre broadband plus Unlimited Fibre Broadband Plus + Weekend calls Up to 76Mb
18 months Free £32
for 18 mths,
then £41

Compare prices on our Post Office broadband search.

Customers will need to take Post Office line rental to access their broadband deals, but the cost is included in the total monthly price above.

Unlike many other providers however, who have removed free calls with their basic line rental, the Post Office provides inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines, improving their value for money further.

And, as you can see in the table below, the Post Office is currently the UK's cheapest provider for long-term up to 17Mb standard broadband.

Package Broadband Contract term Upfront cost Monthly price
post office broadband Unlimited Broadband + Weekend calls Up to 17Mb
18 months Free £19
for 18 mths,
then £28
talktalk Fast Broadband Up to 17Mb
12 months Free £19.95
for 12 mths,
then £25.50
Plusnet Unlimited + Line Only Up to 17Mb
12 months Free £18.99
for 12 mths,
then £27.98
Sky Broadband Unlimited + Talk Up to 17Mb
12 months £19.95 £18
for 12 mths,
then £28.99
BT Unlimited Broadband + Weekend calls Up to 17Mb
18 months £9.99 £23.99
for 18 mths,
then £40.99

Home phone deals and call prices

While Post Office broadband customers will need to take the provider's home phone service too, it is also available as a standalone service.

Post Office line rental costs £16.99 a month, but is currently on offer for just £15 a month for the entire duration of the initial 12-month term.

Again, this makes the Post Office the cheapest provider for home phone too, as BT and Virgin charge £18.99 and £19 per month respectively.

The Post Office also offers a Line Rental Saver deal costing £179.88 upfront for 12 months of line rental, bringing the equivalent monthly price down to just £14.99.

Call packages

Post Office Call Package Included calls Price monthly
Evenings and weekends UK landlines in the evenings and at weekends £2.50
Anytime calls UK landlines at anytime £7
International Saver Anytime calls to 40 international destinations, and up to 50% off calls to all other destinations £4
Mobile 100 100 anytime minutes to UK mobile numbers £2.50
Mobile 500 500 anytime minutes to UK mobile numbers £7.50

Call charges

Outside of any bundled calls, there's a flat rate fee of 12p per minute to UK landlines. Calls to most mobiles cost 14p per minute at all times.

Calls to 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers cost 11p per minute, plus a service charge.

There is also a connection fee of 18p for any calls made outside of inclusive periods.

Customers can also nominate up to 10 numbers to be their "loved ones" and receive a 10% discount on calls to these numbers. Loved Ones numbers can include both UK and international landlines and mobiles.

Calling features

The Post Office also offers a number of call features; unlike BT they offer caller display and basic voicemail free of charge - although users will need to request their activation.

Home phone call features cost:

Customers can save money by bundling some features: take two or three of call divert, incoming call alert and auto redial at £4 for any two or £5 for all three - which could make blocking nuisance calls slightly more affordable.

Broadband speeds

Up until the Post Office moved from BT Wholesale to TalkTalk Wholesale in July 2013, they were behind the curve offering only a very basic ADSL service with speeds of no more than 6Mb to 8Mb.

Today they offer the same up to 17Mb, 38Mb and 76Mb headline speeds as any other BT or TalkTalk reseller, including Plusnet and TalkTalk themselves.

The Post Office doesn't have a large enough customer base to feature in Ofcom's annual broadband speed tests, although we can look at TalkTalk's data to get an idea on how well the same network is performing.

However, it should be said that while the Post Office do use the same network as TalkTalk, there might still be actual differences in the service due to the way each provider chooses to manage traffic.

Ofcom average speeds, published April 2017
Advertised speed Over 24hrs Peak time
(8-10pm weekdays)
Sky up to 17Mb 10.1Mb to 11.5Mb 9.9Mb to 11.4Mb
Plusnet up to 17Mb 9.6Mb to 11.4Mb 9.5Mb to 11.3Mb
EE up to 17Mb 9.4Mb to 11.7Mb 9.2Mb to 11.4Mb
BT up to 17Mb 9.1Mb to 10.8Mb 9.0Mb to 10.6Mb
TalkTalk up to 17Mb 8.6Mb to 10Mb 8.6Mb to 9.9Mb

Fibre broadband speeds:

Ofcom average speeds, published April 2017
Advertised speed Over 24hrs Peak time
(8-10pm weekdays)
EE up to 38Mb 33.6Mb to 35.2Mb 32.4Mb to 34.5Mb
Sky up to 38Mb 33Mb to 34.6Mb 32.8Mb to 34.3Mb
Plusnet up to 38Mb 31Mb to 33.5Mb 30.1Mb to 32.7Mb
TalkTalk up to 38Mb 30.8Mb to 32.8Mb 30.6Mb to 32.6Mb

SOURCE: Ofcom, UK Home Broadband Performance, April 2017.

As this data shows, TalkTalk isn't performing as well as other providers in terms of real world broadband speeds, with EE, Sky and Plusnet all delivering faster services.

We've omitted BT Infinity from the fibre table as their entry level fibre deal is up to 52Mb and is faster in any case. However, their real world speeds for this package are from 51.6Mb over 24 hours, and 51.2Mb during peak times.

Traffic management

The Post Office don't offer a "truly unlimited" broadband service like Sky and BT do. Instead they utilise a traffic management policy to ensure very heavy users don't slow down the speeds of other users in the area.

The Post Office's traffic management policy says that:

"A small number of customers use peer-to-peer file sharing services to upload and download files, such as music and videos, containing very large amounts of data."

"Uploading and downloading files uses a lot of network capacity and we will monitor usage by looking at a number of factors including the amount of time excessive usage continues as well as the bandwidth used. The systems that are used to provide Post Office Broadband can identify very high bandwidth users and those using peer-to-peer file sharing services."

So while the Post Office are clearly saying they will monitor for excessive use to prevent service degradation to others, what they don't specify is exactly how excessive users will be restricted or limited, or what they consider "excessive" use to be.

Most customers are unlikely to be affected, however 'heavier' users may want to consider a truly unlimited provider such as Sky or BT.

There's more detail in our guide to fair use policies here.

Wi-fi routers

post office fibre router

Fibre broadband router

The Post Office offers two fairly standard routers with its broadband deals.

Fibre broadband customers will receive a router compatible with the service, however the features are fairly similar.

Both routers offer wireless 'N' protocol for faster speeds with compatible devices, as well as backwards compatibility for older devices, and come preconfigured with wireless security settings and the firewall switched on.

post office broadband router

Standard broadband router

The routers are similar to those offered by like budget providers Plusnet and TalkTalk. However, neither router beats the features of the smart wireless hubs now provided by the likes of BT, Sky or Virgin.

Whichever Post Office broadband deal customers choose, they'll currently receive their router free of charge, and additionally there is no postage fee to pay either.

Customer service

When the Post Office moved to TalkTalk Wholesale in July 2013, they moved their customer support to a company called Capita.

But in October 2015, the Post Office prematurely ended the contract due to the company failing to meet a number of service level agreements.

During this time the Post Office came in for a lot of stick from unhappy customers who weren't receiving the best customer support.

At the end of the first year after the migration of 500,000 customers the Post Office even published a note on their website:

"As a result of some changes being made to our Broadband and Phone service we are experiencing technical issues which are resulting in calls to our Customer Care Line taking longer than normal to answer."

Customers say that the representatives at the Northern Ireland call centre were helpful when they finally answered, but that was cold comfort for those who couldn't get through in the first place.

Since the end of 2015 a company called HGS has taken over customer support for the Post Office broadband and now both customer and technical support call centres for the provider are based in Scotland.


Ofcom only report on complaints for Post Office's home phone service and not their broadband, as its only looks at the largest providers of each service.

In 2016, the Post Office had the third most complaints for their home phone service, with only Plusnet and EE scoring worse.

Only Sky and Virgin Media had less complaints than the industry average, a feat which they achieve for both home phone and fixed broadband services.

Ofcom landline complaints q3 2016

SOURCE: Ofcom Telecoms and Pay TV Complaints, December 2016.

Fuel Broadband customers

In June 2017, Fuel broadband closed down and migrated their 60,000 existing customers to the Post Office.

While the transfer was automatic, customers were given the choice of moving to a different provider without charge.

Moves like this can strain a service provider due to a quick expansion often leaving support provisions to catch up.

Verdict: Is the Post Office Broadband any good?

Sign up for Post Office

The Post Office broadband wins hands down on cost for it's unlimited up to 17Mb service, which with its current introductory offer is the cheapest in the UK.

The provider is also competitive for home phone. However, there are cheaper deals available for fibre broadband.

The Post Office brand may be reassuring to many, and we expect for the shear fact the Post Office dumped their poor performing customer support contract early - suggests they do care about the quality of service they provide.

However, as a budget provider reliant on outsourcing support and billing, they don't have the same level of control over quality as bigger players Sky and Virgin, which is shown in Ofcom's complaints figures.

We say they win the budget provider war; we like that they keep packages simple; and their customer service does seem to have improved.

For customers looking for more than a basic broadband and home phone service however, we'd probably look to better performing players such as Sky or Virgin Media.

A word on our ratings

Here we'll explain why we gave the Post Office broadband 3.5 stars.


Broadband speed


Customer service



17 October 2017
Seph Strife

I am almost at the end of my contract & have had nothing but problems from day one. Constant drop off, (over 300 times in the last 4 days) ridiculously high latency (310ms) & really low speeds (maxes out around 5mbps but more often than not under 1mbs, at one point yesterday it was 1.1kbps). I'll be glad when my contract is up & I can switch to a better provider. I would advise everyone not to sign up for their broadband because it is an absolute joke.

28 September 2017

I have been without internet access for 1 month and their staff have not resolved this yet. I was promised a router which didn't get sent, then promised line tests and call backs which didn't happen, then engineers visits which were not organised. This company and their staff are a complete joke. Go elsewhere for your broadband. They may be at the lower cost end of the list of suppliers but the dreadful broadband speed will drive you nuts and is not worth it. Trying to get the staff to do anything about this, or the total loss of connection in my case, is impossible.

21 August 2017

In my experience, Post Office Broadband has been the worst thing that I have ever purchased. It seems that to get anything sorted, you have to chase and chase and chase. Engineers not turning up, 'replies' to emails that don't deal with your issues, not being able to change the provision, etc, etc, etc... And my connection keeps dropping, and they are not able to solve it.
Truly hopeless in my experience.

4 August 2017
Dominic & Elise F.J.

Absolutely horrible service relating to broadband, I do not recommend to anybody to join the Post Office Broadband Provider!
The worst decision ever was to choose Post Office Broadband.

I have changed internet connection provider from BT to Post Office. For the change of provider I paid £31. The Post Office has offered me 6-8Mb/s for £20. My service started on the 5th July, but in actual fact my internet connection did NOT start to work until on the 25th July.
Terrible waiting time especially when I need internet connection for my web developer job.
Nobody gave me information about time for getting the connetion to work although I have asked about it.
From 25th July the internet connection was working BUT I had never have speed around 6-8Mb/s.

The connection speed is still around 1Mb/s. It is absolutely terrible!
Nobody is solving it. Customer service said me to measure the speed every morning and evening on <a href=";cuid=2412393" rel="nofollow noopener" title=""></a> and the engineer will call me supposedly. It was not true.

I have called customer service again and they said me that I can not get any faster connection than I have (1Mb/s) because of some old slot supposedly. Nonsense! I was with BT before and my net speed was usually around 6-7mb.

In contract with the Post Office I have got written 6-8Mb/s and I have only 1Mb/s! Is it normal? No.
It is big fraud. It is an absolute breach of contract from the Post Office's side. I will not pay &pound;20 for 1Mb/s. I'm very angry.
I have lost a plenty of time and money by waiting for arranging the internet connection from Post Office and now I'm losing more time and money because of awfully slow and unusable internet connection.
I did not expect such unfair and deceptive treatment from Post Office.

29 June 2017
Clare Louise Jennings

I have been with the Post Office for nearly 2 years... The internet speed has gone really slow over the last 6 months. I have called and logged the issues. Reports were ran for loss of service and it was deemed that an engineer should attend my property. The engineer has found no fault so a charge has been issued to me - please may I add that the engineer came out in Jan 2017 and I have been charged in May 2017! However the Post Office are offering me credit for the loss of service... No fault found so a charge has been issued but then because there is a fault, I get offered credit? The Post Office are an absolutely scandalous company. I have been cut off by the call handler many times. I spoke to a Supervisor yesterday and when he was caught out telling me lies, he told me has was going to terminate the call. Well done to the Post Office, I will keep paying for your blunders. You are the "experts" and you are charging me unfairly and clearly upsetting customers. Good riddance and avoid at all costs.

17 June 2017
Daryn Lynch

I am getting transferred from Fuel Broadband, is Post Office internet any good?

20 June 2017
Choose team

Hi Daryn -

Hopefully our review of Post Office broadband was helpful to you in this situation. We've also covered the move from Fuel Broadband to the Post Office here, which you may find useful: <a href=";cuid=2412393" rel="nofollow noopener" title=""></a>

19 April 2017

Post Office broadband usage monitor never shows any use on my account. I am on the 10GB data plan. I watch Netflix and I am sure I have exceeded 10GB many times. The usage monitor on my Post Office broadband account always shows zero GB used. I have tried to enquire on the phone with POB technical department but they end the call with no real answer. I have never been charged extra for going over the 10 GB limit so cannot complain so far.

2 January 2017
Art Director

OMG worst decision ever to choose Post Office - nothing but stress by a crap customer service team and Broadband was lame. Couldn't watch a Youtube video for weeks because of buffering. It's taken 6 weeks of complaining to get out of the early connection fee of &pound;288.90. The set-up was free and now that I've moved to Sky they are demanding &pound;50 to cover the free set-up on a telephone line that I already had! Surely this needs to stop? Rip Off Britain at its finest! Where are the consumer rights here?

27 December 2016
Mari Ellan

Problems, problems, problems! Not with transfer of phone but broadband a nightmare. First two dates for transfer not adhered to then transferred a day after third date. Held on for 65 minutes to speak to a customer services advisor. When not transferred again on the third date, after 30 minutes holding for a customer rep I a wrote letter to complain to office in Selkirk whist waiting, saying I wanted to rescind the contract. Copy sent by email to customer services. To date automated response to email, no reponse to letter. When I finally got through on the day broadband should have transferred was told it was scheduled for the following day. Said I'd had enough and wanted to cancel the contract. As, after waiting for customer services to reply it was after 4pm was told I couldn't cancel contract as it had to be done by 4pm the day before transfer and I would have to contact another division and I was given the number to contact. Tried phoning but office closed. Phoned next morning and told it was too late to cancel as the service had been activated during the night. Sending another letter of complaint to Selkirk but I am determined to get out of this contract. Apart from the time time taken to transfer the service and the probelms in doing so waiting time for customer services is appalling.

2 December 2016
John Van-Dongen

I had been with this company for over 4 years, and though I had some issues with them over internet speeds going from 6.5mb down to just over 1mb which lasted the last 8½ months before I said that enough was enough in 2014. I was promised download speeds of between 6 &amp; 7.5 mb of constant connection? Hah! All I got was grief from the company the whole time as a customer, and that's not to mention 5 router replacements within that time. As regards customer satisfaction, there isn't any. The guys at the support centre just read a scenario from their computer screens, and keep you going over and over the possible faults with you as if it's your fault. OR/and before you know it they've screwed with your head again, saying that you then have to pay for an engineer to come out. But, if you have a clear line when speaking to the advisor, then there's nothing wrong with your line. It's all down to the crappy servers they have to give you the worst experience possible. That's why I left after four years, I had Openreach out 3 times and lost over &pound;450 in fees, one which was a no show from them, but still had to pay the &pound;95 call out fee.

I am now with 'POP Telecom' and though they offer a &pound;1.00 unlimited internet and &pound;14.99 line rental, making a total of &pound;15.99 each month, you don't get any free weekend phone calls, something that doesn't bother me in the least, I am now saving &pound;8.00 per month as well, opposed to the Post Office, there's no going back to the Post Office for me ever! POP Telecom transferred my number and I was all connected up in 6 days. I get a constant 8.7mb download and 1.3mb upload with them and, up to now I've had no trouble with them whatsoever! What's more, they phone me up every now and then to see if the internet's stable, so I am very satisfied and have had 15-months of uninterrupted service. Something the Post Office have NEVER done. I'm just glad I switched suppliers when I did... Try them, you won't be disappointed. In fact, you'll save over &pound;150 per year too...

16 November 2016
Niocla Fraser (IndigoNic)

I came across this thread while searching Google for information regarding .. post office broadband for technical issues we have had for the last week with our WiFi box. It keeps cutting out for the last 7-8 days, I have had no connection in our home and the network has been cutting off at around 11pm and staying off throughout the night which is when our household uses it the most. Our broadband unlimited is paid for monthly on time so therefore we should have a connection at all times. We have also had other people hack into our WiFi box. We sought info on how to catch who ever it was and we found that our WiFi was being used from an address in Whitley Bay. In north Tyneside. This has since been reported but then got told that someone close by has a signal blocker and was deliberately disconnecting our Wifi. At first everything was fine without any problems and the bill is &pound;26 a month for our phone bill and broadband, but is free for 12 months. We don't use our landline phone as we have mobile phones but every month noticed an increase in our bill that was supposed to be the same charge every month. Last month's bill was &pound;32 so basically when people are calling us from them call centres they were charging us. We reported it because it was harassing cold calls daily and people calling who last had the number so post office got back in touch and said they would monitor all calls. This has since died down but now we have now decided to cut our contract short and terminate our broadband and phone line due to the ongoing issues we have been having with our broadband. There's no way I'm paying a monthly bill for continuous errors on our broadband box. It's been really annoying us. So we're contacting them first thing and cutting it off. And just going to connect our computers up to our library across the street, at least it stays on. The one good thing about the post office is you can watch and download movies and download music without any problems and the connection speed is great when connected.

1 November 2016

Absolute disgrace..!!

Phoned up to cancel my mum's account after she had been in hospital for 5 months following a brain cancer operation.

Supervisor I spoke to - "Shaun Brooks" wouldn't make any changes to the &pound;37 a month account (that hasn't been used for 5 months) until he spoke to a cancer doctor at the hospital.

16 October 2016

They changed our phone number four times and disconnected our broadband for weeks at a time, admitting their mistake.
How can they make the same mistake 4 times??
You have been warned.

4 May 2016

I started the unlimited package at the start this year (2016) it's now May, so I can give you a clear review, I pay &pound;19.20 a month (they told me &pound;20 (16+4)) via cash top-up card. I didn't even have to start paying until 2 weeks after I got it, it's a self setup, easy to use box, that came through my post box haha, oh and for the nerds, I get 20-50ms ping, 10mb Down and that stays very steady, I get 0.75mb Up. I can run an Xbox one with better performance than people on virgin media fibre optic!! And this is while the Mrs is streaming video at upto 720p, in 2 weeks alone I downloaded 130GB on my XB1 plus ontold amounts updating and downloading like anyone does when they get WiFi installed lol, and no drop in performance, I've even been torrenting, virtual private networking to bypass PO content restrictions (+18 Game forums, YouTube license restrictions, etc) and I've been regularly downloading HD movies, huge software packages and system updates, and still no trouble! I can't recommend them enough, the only area I am not a heavy user is in uploads, but even at that, I still put up YouTube videos! And no complaints, my advice, get cheap PO unlimited broadband, and drink then dry like I do :)

11 January 2016
John Hunt

Don't join them. Post Office broadband are dysfunctional from top to bottom. 13 weeks to connect broadband, 6 of them with no landline either. They lie about appointments 'made' with openreach...and the internet speed is one fifth of what it was with BT, and that's after 7 promised openreach appointments, 6 of which never happened, but which I found out from one harassed customer services operator was because they'd cancelled them themselves. Truly diabolical. Avoid at any cost.

5 January 2016
Mark M

Joined the Post Office in early November. I was with BT before and my net speed was usually around 6-7mb. With the Post Office, it is rarely above 1mb, and from early afternoon till early am, it is usually around 0.2-0.4mb. I phoned them about it and had lots of hassle trying things out and testing it. They offered to send an engineer out, but I refused because i have read various stories of people being charged &pound;144, sometime more, even though it was unclear whether anything was actually wrong. I did my homework, and found out they switched me to standard adsl, which can't get more than 2mb max, so they basically lied to me when I joined them because I was told I should get up to 6-7mb just like I did with BT.

They wont do anything unless I agree to an engineer coming out, but I am not taking the risk that they will use that as an opportunity to get more money out of me. The fault is clearly with them. So my warning to everyone out there is BEWARE - they may put you on a slow adsl service like me and then muck you around before suggesting they send out an engineer to you. My advice - ask your neighbours who they are with and don't take a risk like I did, even if it means paying a bit more. Having a uselessly slow internet service is painful!

29 December 2015

It's now December and we've been with the Post Office since June. I did shop around at the start and looked extensively at Martin Lewis's website advice. We had just moved back from abroad and needed a UK phone line installed for free too. This package ticked all the boxes. We have had no problems at all - yes, at the start, it took about three weeks to get it all set up and for the best financial deal, you pay &pound;148 up front for the discounted annual line rental. But overall, the speeds are fine for streaming, YouTube and links through to my smart telly - and we live in the countryside. It' also a damn sight better than when we lived in the Middle East too!

If you just want a basic, no nonsense VERY WELL PRICED deal for the internet, then I would highly recommend the Post Office. I've only had reason to call them once and the service I got was fine.

The one downside? They seem to change their price at will. The good news is though that market competition (which sadly Thatcher missed the boat with railways, water companies and electricity) tends to work with internet service providers and means rises are not too excessive.

5 December 2015
Eliot Barrass

Anyone who gives money to Post Office broadband needs their head looking at. Terrible, terrible service. I had three weeks of hassle trying to get my phone and broadband installed. At one point the technical team asked me to contact BT myself and ask what the problem was. I replied that I wasn't a BT customer (this was news to them).
I kept being promised calls back which never came. In chasing I kept being sent around the houses.
Having cancelled my order I lodged a compensation claim for the hassle caused and the work forgone. The offer doesn't even cover the costs of calls to Post Office chasing up the problem.

11 November 2015
Chris Reynolds

Joined Post Office home phone with broadband premium 18 months ago, and I must say I've never had a problem. Download speeds consistent at 14Mb/s and has never dropped below 12. I may be lucky there because I'm only 800 yards from exchange. Prices very reasonable, plus every time I recommended a friend who gets connected, I get &pound;10 off my bill.

28 December 2014

Phone service is good and good value but the broadband service and support is way below par. Speeds of 0.4Mbs are not unusual in busy evening periods or weekends. I have an ongoing wireless problem with my laptop that I am unable to use at home, it works fine everywhere else. I think the issue is with the firmware in the PO supplied router. The PO are unable to fix this, a lot of their problems are due to the fact that the support personnel are insufficiently trained and not technically skilled. It is cheap but I suppose you only get what you pay for. I shall be moving to an alternative ISP.

8 December 2014

When it's working it's OK. When there is a problem with the service Post Office Broadband are difficult to communicate with. Our phone line went down a few weeks ago. I rang BT to report the fault but they said we are not a customer so should report the fault to Post Office Broadband. I sent three e-mails to Post Office Broadband and a month later I am still waiting for a reply. I eventually rang Post Office Broadband Help Line from a neighbour's phone and waited 36 minutes for someone to answer. They checked the line and confirmed it wasn't working (thanks!) and
they would report the fault to the engineer. That was the last I heard from them.
The phone line was eventually reinstated about 10 days later.

Very poor communications.

7 February 2014

Well after seeing these reviews I'll stick with BT, sometimes cheaper is not always best. I did say to BT I am thinking of changing so they came up with a better deal which saves me 10 pound a month. I'll stick with them for now customer service and technical dept have always been very helpful and always sorted any problems I have had which is not very often.

10 October 2013

Post Office broadband is no longer provided by BT wholesale, it's now TalkTalk and the customer service centre has been farmed out.

15 October 2013
Choose team

Hey Paul, Sorry you saw our article before it'd been updated to reflect these changes. Now updated - Julia (Choose Ed).

23 September 2013

Whilst the Post Office would not be my immediate choice as a broadband provider, if you are not sure how long you require their service in a contract, they seem to be the only provider who will not make you pay the remaining line rental charges for their service when you incur the early disconnection fee. This makes it a lot more advantageous to people who might not need an entire 12 months of the service and/or in house sharing situations.

1 May 2012
Ant inchley

We recently changed our Internet provider to the Post Office as we thought it would be cheaper. Prices are better than BT but we have major problems.

Customer service is a complete joke. I got the broadband package mostly so that myself and my son can play Xbox live. With Post Office you can ATTEMPT to play online games but as soon as you try and join a party or play in games with friends you get a network error message. I've been told that this is a router problem and after 10 phone calls to the router manufacturers and 7 calls to the Post Office I just get told to buy a new router!!!

DO NOT join the Post Office, the broadband is an absolute joke :(

15 April 2014

I totally agree, Post Office broadband customer service is beyond joke! I am raging, they do not have a clue what they are talking about and no communication between their employees. I did a home move and still no internet after 10 days of promised date, may be I spent 10 hours on phone with them, at last I decided and cancelled it, I get a voice mail next days from someone else saying I will get connection in next 2 weeks! But I cancelled it last night!

7 January 2012

I've had a terrible time with the Post Office. 2 months since I ordered my home move, and still no broadband. Constant promises, excuses, and hollow apologies, but still no closer to being connected. I would never be able to recommend them to anyone.

6 October 2011
Jim Davies

I have a pensioner neighbour who has had nothing but a mere 0.2Mb (!) broadband, not the 8Mb promised and now after 3 months of investigations (and charging at full rate) the ISP is trying to wriggle out of their obligations.

I'm telling everyone I know. The ISP seems afraid to report faults to BT in case they pick up a bill but nevertheless consistently take payments for services that are not delivered. I thought this sort of thing got cleaned up decades ago! What is the Regulator doing?

25 August 2011

I have had dreadful trouble with both TalkTalk and BT and am very unsure where to go next. I currently get 3.5mb speeds with BT - would it be the same with the Post Office?

25 August 2011
Choose team

The Post Office's network is run by BT so speeds are likely to be very similar if not the same.

5 July 2011

This review seems a little out of date. Now 0845 &amp; 0870 calls are included in the package, as are free weekend calls to mobiles and 40 International destinations. Along with NO minimun line rental tie-in, and NO penalty charge should you wish to pay your bill at the Post Office.

I find Home Phone &amp; Broadband Extra an unbeatable package compared to BT.

5 July 2011
Choose team

Hi Alan, thanks for your comment - we've now updated this guide and included your comments.

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