Vodafone launches Secure Net Home for Pro II broadband

25 June 2024 13:21   By Lyndsey Burton

Secure Net Home is a new digital security and parental control tool that will now come free with Vodafone Pro II broadband.

Vodafone has announced the launch of a new security suite that will be provided free for all new and existing Pro II broadband subscribers.

Secure Net Home will combine real-time virus protection with advanced parental controls, including tools to manage online downtime and help kids focus on homework.

As a router-level tool built into the Ultra Hub router, Secure Net Home can protect over 150 devices connecting to the Internet via Vodafone's fixed-line WiFi.

vodafone pro ii broadband
Credit: Vodafone

Secure Net Home

Secure Net Home is a new suite of software built into Vodafone's Ultra Hub router that will add an extra layer of security to home broadband setups.

The tool comes with two main features; virus protection and parental control software. Secure Net Home monitors the connection and protects users from accessing malicious websites, phishing attacks, malware infections and viruses.

Customers will be protected against virus and online threats in real-time, and all devices connecting to the Internet via the WiFi will be covered, including mobiles and laptops, as well as TVs and game consoles.

In terms of parental controls, Secure Net Home allows parents to create profiles for each child and then assign groups of devices to apply specific controls for each individual user.

There are customisable content filters to ensure each user only sees age-appropriate content, which can be especially useful where children have their own smart TVs and gaming consoles in their bedroom, in addition to mobile devices and tablets.

It's also possible for parents to set times when the Internet is out of bounds, for example during dinner time or after bed time, or limit access to more content when kids should be focusing on their homework with the 'Focus time' feature.

New and existing Pro II broadband customers will now have access to Secure Net Home at no extra cost. To activate it customers should go to the Vodafone Broadband app to turn it on, and after that, the tools and features can be managed by downloading the Secure Net app from Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store.

Rob Winterschladen, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK, said: "We're really excited to be bringing our best-ever broadband security and family controls to busy households, delivering the ultimate in hassle-free security to families across the nation - and all at no extra cost for our Pro II customers.

"Vodafone has been committed to helping parents navigate their family's online use for well over a decade, with our wealth of digital parenting resources and partnership with NSPCC. We're proud to be supporting parents further with Secure Net Home, providing them with even more practical tools to keep their children safe online."

Pro II broadband

Secure Net Home is available exclusively with Vodafone's Pro II broadband package, which unfortunately means that those without Pro II can't add it as an extra service to their existing plan, and would have to upgrade their entire broadband package.

For those who do subscribe to Pro II broadband however, Secure Net Home is included for free, with no additional costs to pay at all. It's also available to all existing Pro II customers who just need to activate it.

Vodafone Pro II costs more than their standard broadband plans, but includes useful service upgrades including:

  • The upgraded Ultra Hub with support for WiFi 6E
  • Super WiFi 6E booster to improve wireless coverage around the home
  • 4G Broadband Back-up device, with automatic back-up to Vodafone's 4G mobile network if the fixed-line broadband ever goes down
  • Dedicated WiFi Xpert support

Pro II broadband plans cost around £13 more per month than the standard plans, for certainly for faster full fibre broadband options it's an upgrade worth serious consideration.

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