Virgin Media offers M350 broadband for cheapest price

10 November 2022 11:54   By Lyndsey Burton

Black Friday is seeing Virgin Media's M350 broadband available for just £27 per month, its lowest ever price.

This Black Friday Virgin Media is focusing on their ultrafast M350 broadband, offering discounts for broadband-only and broadband and TV versions of the package.

New customers can now get the ultrafast broadband service for less than half price, at just £27 per month for 18 months, offering a saving of £522 over the contract.

Other Black Friday offers from Virgin Media include waiving the setup fee on their new Stream TV service, and price reductions on their flagship Ultimate Volt bundle.

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M350 broadband-only

Available from today until 28th November, Virgin Media's M350 broadband-only package costs just £27 per month, which is less than half the usual price of £56.

The price discount will last for the length of the minimum term, which is 18-months, at which point the out of contract price of £56 will apply. However, customers can re-contract with Virgin, or switch at this point.

The setup fee for this plan is also currently reduced, at just £9.99, compared to the usual £35.

M350 broadband offers average download speeds at peak times of 362Mb, and average upload speeds of 36Mb.

Customers will get a Virgin Media WiFi Hub provided free of charge with the deal, although this broadband-only plan excludes a phone line, so customers won't get a home phone line at all.

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M350 Bigger bundle

For an extra £12 per month, customers can get the Bigger M350 bundle, which includes ultrafast broadband alongside Virgin's TV 360 service, with 190 TV channels, BT Sport, and the TV 360 box.

Also available until 28th November, for a little extra customers can take Virgin Media TV and phone with the M350 broadband plan and save £540 over the length of the contract.

Virgin Media's Bigger Bundle also includes a home phone line and customers get free calls at the weekend to UK landlines included.

The full pricing of the deal offers the Bigger Bundle with M350 broadband for £39 per month for 18 months, and then the out of contract price is £91, although again customers can re-contract with Virgin or switch-away at this point. Setup is also reduced to £9.99.

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Ultimate Volt bundle

Finally, customers looking for everything Virgin Media has to offer can also save money this Black Friday, with the Ultimate Volt bundle costing just £79 per month for the 18-month minimum term, and saving £108.

Ultimate Volt offers Virgin Media's fastest broadband with average download speeds of 1.13Gb, alongside 230 TV channels, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, BT Sport, Netflix Standard, and an O2 mobile SIM with unlimited data, minutes and texts.

Due to completing their network upgrade at the end of last year, anyone on Virgin's network can now access their fastest gigabit broadband speeds, which Ofcom recently confirmed in their own independent testing as offering at least 1.13Gb during the busiest times of 8pm to 10pm in the evening.

Virgin's Ultimate Volt bundle offers great value for money for customers looking for an all-round home entertainment plan with everything from Netflix and Sky Cinema, to Sky Sports and BT Sport included.

Virgin also recently announced TV customers will be able to access Paramount+ in the coming year, which has so far been one of the differing factors between Virgin and rival Sky TV.

Ultimate Volt also comes with the UK's fastest broadband, as well as unlimited mobile data through an O2 SIM.


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