Doro 8050

The Doro 8050 is a smartphone designed specifically for older customers and inexperienced smartphone users. It is available with a single storage option of 16GB and comes in a choice of Black or Grey.

This device runs a simplified version of Android which is suited to older users. It also has a 13MP main camera on the rear and a 5MP front camera to allow for selfies and video calls.

The LCD screen of the Doro 8050 is fairly small at 5.45" and the whole unit including battery weighs around 165g.


Doro 8050
Screen size 5.45"
Display LCD
Pixel resolution 720 x 1440 at 295 ppi
Dimensions Height: 6.01"
Width: 2.79"
Depth: 0.36"
Weight 165g
Chip Qualcomm 215
Battery 3,000mAh
Resistance None
Operating system Android 9.0
Camera Rear: 13MP
Front: 5Mp
Video recording Video recording in 720p HD
Biometrics Fingerprint
Storage 16GB
Colours Black, Grey
5G ready No


The rear camera on the Doro 8050 is a 13MP camera offering the following functionality: autofocus, camera flash, image viewer and magnifier. The magnifier function allows older smartphone users to easily magnify documents or images through their smartphone camera.

On the front of the Doro 8050 there is a 5MP selfie camera to allow users to take photos and videos of themselves.

Video recording on the Doro 8050 is in 720p HD quality.


The 5.45-inch display of the Doro 8050 makes it one of the smaller handsets on the market. When looking to compare Doro 8050 mobile phone deals to other devices, this is often a major selling point for those who prefer smaller screens.

The Doro 8050 has an LCD touch screen that can support up to 16 million colours. While this screen technology is not the latest available, it suits the device pricing and the target audience.

Customers using the Doro 8050 will experience a 60Hz refresh rate. This means it refreshes up to 60 times per second to improve the brightness and sharpness of the display.


Only one storage option is available with the Doro 8050: 16GB. If we compare at Doro 8050 deals alongside those from other providers, we can see this is a very low storage option for a modern phone.

However, it is possible to expand the storage on the Doro 8050 by purchasing a separate microSD card and inserting it into the supplied slot. A card of up to 128GB can be used with the Doro 8050, expanding the usable storage to just under 140GB.

Remember to factor in the costs of a microSD card to any upfront handset costs when looking at purchasing the Doro 8050.


The Doro 8050 has been designed for older phone users.

It has a polycarbonate body that sits easily in the hand without sliding around, although this is a trade-off as there is no glass on the device or protection against dust and water.

Unlike many devices, the Doro 8050 has a manual home button underneath the screen. This allows users to easily navigate back to the home menu regardless of how many apps they have open. This function is useful for older and inexperienced smartphone users, as well as those who preferred manual home buttons on older devices.

Internally, the Doro 8050 operates on a modified version of Android called Eva. This interface is designed to work more intuitively for older people and keeps commonly used functions such as Call, Send and Help under a selection of action-based icons for easy navigation.


What is the Doro 8050 battery like?

Although the battery on the Doro 8050 is only 3,000mAh, it is effective given the capabilities and probable usage of the device. Most users will find it lasts for a full day, although others may need to charge or conserve power.

If we compare the battery of the Doro 8050 to other similarly priced handsets, it is smaller than most.

Is the Doro 8050 easy to use?

The Doro 8050 has been specifically designed for older smartphone users and those who lack confidence with devices. It includes a simplified interface to allow users to get the full benefit of a smartphone without the typical Android interface which may be confusing for inexperienced users.

Does the Doro 8050 have a headphone jack?

Yes, the Doro 8050 has a 3.5mm headphone jack. This allows users to wear headphones with the device if they prefer to talk using a headset or wish to listen to music on the handset.

Does the Doro 8050 have a response button?

Yes, the Doro 8050 has a response button on the rear, just underneath the camera module. To operate, the Doro Response app must be installed on another device and the two smartphones must then be paired.

After the pairing has taken place, a long press or three rapid presses of the response button will send an alert to the paired device containing location details obtained via Google Maps. Once the paired device acknowledges the alert, a hands-free phone call will be established between the two phones to allow communication.