Virgin Media launch new customer service app

18 July 2017   By Helen Mumford

VIRGIN Media have launched a new mobile phone app for all their customers, enabling them to make payments as well as check the status of their service.

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Imaginatively named the My Virgin Media app, it can be downloaded for free via the Apple App Store and via Google Play, depending on the customer's smartphone or tablet.

And in addition to enabling payments, the app also allows customers to get help and support, to view their recent transactions, and to see a summary of their Virgin Media account and package(s).

It's therefore offering itself as a one-stop shop for customers wanting to access their accounts at a single point, and given that it offers the ability to check service status and get help, it would also appear to be Virgin's response to recent service issues that have been affecting them and other internet providers.

Service status

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Indeed, the most novel aspect of the My Virgin Media app is the ability to check the status of the customer's service, something which currently can't be done with the similar My BT app.

In particular, the service status aspect of the app enables customers to check details of when any disruptions or outages are likely to be repaired.

While there's little doubt that in an ideal world there would be no internet outages ever, recent events have shown that broadband disturbances are almost a fact of life, so it should come as welcome news that Virgin Media are at least providing a means for their customers to remain updated on issues.

For example, around the turn of the year and for a little while afterwards, Virgin Media customers in various parts were seeing marked slowdowns in their download speeds during peak times, as well as the occasional outage.

Similarly, the beginning of July saw customers with Sky Broadband, TalkTalk and BT affected by the breaking of fibre cables at various locations, something which caused them to lose their service for a couple of days.

It's for such reasons that the arrival of the My Virgin Media app is worth welcoming, since even though it won't obviously solve network disruptions itself, it will at least save customers from being kept in the dark should problems arise in the future.

Customer service

Added to the ability to check the status of a customer's service, the app also enables them to seek direct help in cases other than an outright network outage.

For instance, if they want tips on how to make the most of their wi-fi signal, or if they want to search troubleshooting lists for the solutions to any issue they might have, then the app will allow them to do just that.

My Virgin Media app

Source: Virgin Media

But it will also allow them to do more expected everyday things such as make credit and debit payments, view their bill balance and recent orders, and see the different Virgin Media products to which they subscribe.

My Virgin Media app help

Source: Virgin Media

This makes it an ideal app for those who want to quickly check or do something regarding their Virgin Media account, without having to log onto their personal computer or laptop.

It also serves as a nice promotional boost to Virgin Media at a time when they want to attract more new customers, given that Project Lightning hasn't progressed quite as quickly as they initially expected.

That's because it shows that, at a time when broadband customers have been prey to cut fibre cables and service issues, it gives them back a little bit more control over their broadband and media.

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