BT offer new phone and broadband deals as stock slips

10 February 2017, 21:56   By Samantha Smith

BT are offering new SIM-only and broadband deals, at a time when their share value has slipped in the wake of an accounting scandal and of talk of an expensive compromise regarding Openreach separation.

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As they've done in the past, they're enticing new subscribers to their 17Mb Unlimited Broadband package with a £100 reward card, as well as a £150 reward card for those who sign up to their 52Mb and 76Mb Unlimited packages.

On top of this, BT Mobile added a new SIM-only mobile plan that provides subscribers with 6Gb of data, as opposed to existing plans giving 500Mb, 2Gb and 20Gb.

Added together, these deals should help BT maintain their customer base in the face of recent price rises, and not to mention a recent dive in their stock as a result of the accounting scandal that rocked their Italian arm.

The deals

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Looking at them both in more detail, the two deals offer numerous perks on top of their basic features.

For one, the new SIM-only plan from BT Mobile boasts the following benefits:

  • 6GB Data
  • Unlimited BT Wifi Access
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • BT Sport on your mobile

Such features come at a price of £20 per month for non-BT broadband subscribers, and £15 per month for those who do receive their broadband from BT.

As we've written with regards to their pre-existing 2GB and 20GB (formerly 15GB) plans, the discounts for BT broadband subscribers continue after the initial 12 months of the contract, whereas those who don't receive BT broadband will continue paying £60 extra every year.

As such, now's an appropriate time to mention the broadband special offers they're also running at the moment, much in line with similar offers they've run in the recent past.

To begin with, there's the £100 MasterCard reward card they're offering new subscribers of their 17Mb Unlimited Broadband package, which can be spent at any shop or merchant accepting MasterCards.

In addition, new subscribers to their 52Mb and 76Mb Unlimited 1 and 2 services will both receive a MasterCard reward card worth £150.

Not only that, but they'll receive a £5 discount for every month of their 12 month contract, equalling £60 in total for the year.

However, it should be added that all of these offers - the 17Mb and 52/76Mb packages alike - run only until 11:59pm on Monday night (February 13th).

Like the SIM-only deal from BT Mobile, they come with a variety of extras, listed below:

Feature 17Mb52Mb76Mb
Monthly usageUnlimited.Unlimited.Unlimited
Cloud storage100Gb.100Gb500Gb
RouterBT Home Hub 4BT Smart HubBT Smart Hub
Inclusive landline callsFree weekend callsFree weekend callsFree weekend calls
Total monthly fee, including line rental£32.99 (£40.99 after 12 months)£34.99 - discounted from £39.99 (£47.49 after 12 months)£44.99 - discounted from £49.99 (£53.99 after 12 months)

This isn't all that the Unlimited packages offer, although for a full rundown it would be better to refer to our more in-depth review of BT broadband, which can be found here.

'Milder' legal separation

What this review won't tell you, however, is that despite the advantages of being a customer with them, BT's 2017 has gotten off to a very shaky start.

First there was the accounting scandal that saw the value of BT Italy written down by as much as £530 million, and which resulted in BT losing £8 billion of their value on the FTSE.

And now there are mumblings that they'll reach an expensive voluntary compromise with Ofcom regarding the ongoing Openreach separation saga, which may result in BT receiving a "milder form of legal separation" in exchange for "more extensive fibre-to-the-home deployment" and "higher capital expenditure."

If this is true, then it would be good for BT's customers while bad for the provider's bank balance. And even if it isn't, these customers can still make the most of the deals BT are offering right now.

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