Shell Energy Broadband confirm 6% annual price rise

22 January 2024 9:41   By Lyndsey Burton

Prices for Shell Energy Broadband customers will be increasing by 6% from April 2024.

Shell Energy Broadband has announced their annual price rises for existing customers will be 6%, made up of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 2%.

CPI for December 2023 was published last week at 4%. Although while Shell Energy Broadband allow for CPI + up to 3% increases, they've opted to reduce the hike a little to just 2% above inflation.

Introductory prices on Shell Energy Broadband for new customers remain unchanged however, and those switching to Shell from today onwards won't be subject to further increases until April 2025.

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Annual price hikes

Shell Energy Broadband, like a majority of other providers, base their annual price rises on December's rate of inflation which is published in January.

To this rate they then add an additional percentage, which their terms and conditions allow for up to 3%, although for 2023 and 2024 increases they opted to reduce this to 2%.

So, existing Shell Energy Broadband customers who took out their deal before 22nd January 2024 will see increases to their monthly bill of 6% (CPI at 4% + 2%).

This is marginally less than increases that will be seen by other broadband and mobile customers, such as those of BT, EE, and Plusnet, who add 3.9% to CPI and are set to see increases of 7.9% this year.

However, an average broadband bill of £35 could still see increases of £2.10 a month. It's also important to remember the cost of call charges will also increase in price.

Who will the charges apply to?

Shell Energy Broadband have said any customers signing up to their service on or after 22nd January 2024 won't see their prices go up this year, but will be subject to annual price rises from April 2025. However, as we look at below, some prices have been increased for new customers from today in any case.

Customers who took out a contract before 22nd January 2024 will be subject to these increases in April 2024, and because they're within the specified terms of the contract they won't be able to leave their contract early without penalty, although Shell Energy Broadband say they'll still be giving all customers at least 30 days' notice of the changes.

Those nearing the end of their deals who are sent offers if they recontract with Shell Energy Broadband, should be aware these prices will be subject to the annual price rises in April 2024, even if the recontract happens after today.

Any customers on Shell Energy Broadband's Essentials social tariff and within their initial 12-month minimum term won't be subject to these price rises, regardless of when they took their plan out.

However, the annual price rises do apply to customers on Essentials packages after the minimum term, where higher out of contract prices apply as well, so to avoid hefty price increases any one still eligible for a social tariff should ensure they recontract or switch to another social tariff.

New customers

Shell Energy Broadband are also increasing the price of their services across the board for new customers, although introductory prices on broadband remain the same.

Out of contract prices for broadband, as well as charges for call plans and out of allowance call charges for any customers with a home phone service, have all been increased by 6%.

Call charges have increased from 21.49p per minute to 22.80p per minute, and the connection fee has also increased from 27.44p to 29.04p.

The Evening & Weekend call package has risen from £7.17 to £7.60 per month, while the Anytime call plan has gone up from £11.94 to £12.65 per month.

While out of contract prices have also gone up across the board, including for those on Essentials tariffs, Shell Energy Broadband should still send end of contract notifications with information on cheaper prices for re-contracting if customers don't want to switch away.


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