LightSpeed relaunch with 2Gbps broadband and home security plans

19 June 2024 17:47   By Lyndsey Burton

LightSpeed launches a 2Gbps broadband plan, alongside new smart home security packages.

LightSpeed, an independent full fibre broadband network, has announced they've relaunched, with a rebranded website and logo, and new smart home security plans.

Alongside three home security bundles, LightSpeed are also launching their first multi-gigabit package with symmetrical download/upload speeds of 2Gb per second.

The network also plans to connect 150,000 new premises in the West Midlands and East England, with a target of 400,000 total homes and businesses by 2027.

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Multi-gigabit broadband

LightSpeed is an alternative full fibre broadband provider with limited presence in towns dotted around the East of England and West Midlands, and a footprint claim of 250,000 homes and businesses.

The network has announced a relaunch of their service, updating their branding with a new logo and offering new package choices as well as faster broadband speeds.

New broadband packages, The Essential, Fast five, and The Millennium, join The Ultimate which offers symmetrical download and upload speeds of 2,000Mbps for £64.99 per month for the first 24 months.

Previously, LightSpeed offered a top speed of 1Gbps, but now joins providers including Virgin Media and Trooli offering multi-gigabit speeds of 2Gb per second.

The Essential offering 150Mbps, Fast five offering 500Mbps and The Millennium offering 1Gbps remain similarly priced as before, with a marginal increase of 5 pence per month, and setup reduced from £30 to free on all plans.

LightSpeed's The Ultimate plan costs £64.99 per month on a 24-month contract, which compares well to Virgin Media's Gig2 package at £69.99, although both are more expensive than Trooli Pro at just £49.99.

Brett Shepherd, LightSpeed CEO, said, "Our development of the LightSpeed brand this year is a game changer for our existing and future customers. Symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 2,000Mbps, alongside an expanded offering and coverage area, means there's never been a better time to join our growing family of satisfied customers."

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Smart home security with SimpliSafe

LightSpeed say they want to "go beyond broadband to become a comprehensive digital service provider", with the first services being offered including smart home security plans in partnership with third-party SimpliSafe.

Shepherd also commented on LightSpeed's plans, saying, "Broadband is just the beginning; we're immediately offering LightSpeed customers the option of top-of-the-range home security systems. Houses with ultra-fast broadband are future-proofed, and security is a crucial consideration for a comfortable, happy home.

"And that's just the start. Our ambition is to become a one-stop shop, simplifying the management of all household digital services in one convenient place.".

SimpliSafe offer three home security packages to choose from, which can be added to any of LightSpeed's broadband deals:

  • The Starter: includes a door entry sensor, motion sensor and wired HD indoor camera
  • The Tower: as above but with an extra door sensor, plus a wired HD outdoor camera to monitor visitors, as well as a complimentary bell box deterrent with flashing light and 105db siren
  • The Edinburgh: all the above, plus two key fobs, an extra motion and door entry sensor, and a temperature and water sensor to help prevent against frozen pipes and leaks

However, on closer inspection customers may need to be wary about how they sign up, as not all bundles seem to offer value for money.

One bundle option from LightSpeed combines their 1Gbps broadband plan with The Starter SimpliSafe plan for £46 per month, which prices the home security add-on at just £144.24 over the length of the contract making it cheaper than buying direct from SimpliSafe. However, it seems customers are limited to taking their 1Gb plan to get this deal.

For those who add the security bundle at the standard prices however, LightSpeed are charging £16 per month for The Starter plan over a 24-month contract, £24 per month for The Tower, and £29.99 per month for The Edinburgh. Over the length of the 24-month contract customers would end up paying £384 for The Starter, £576 for The Tower, and £719.76 for The Edinburgh.

Yet buying these plans directly from SimpliSafe would cost just £175.97 for The Starter, £283.21 for The Tower, or £365.68 for The Edinburgh.

In addition, while the smart home devices provided will work without a monitoring subscription, there are further charges if customers want 24/7 professional monitoring of 93 pence per day, or around £28.29 per month.

We asked LightSpeed to comment, but at first glances it seems customers should be careful to check the value of the deal they're signing up for.

A LightSpeed spokesperson said, "SimpliSafe tend to change what they offer their customers often, while their offer direct is currently £175.97 this won't last forever, going off the RRP of £319.95, our service is the only place customers can take this product at a monthly cost, most customers do not have £175+ to spend on security, while we have launched today at full price we are open to promotions on these products.

"Our 1Gb broadband is usually £959.76 as a total cost for 24 mths, with SimpliSafe at £175.97 the customers total spend is £1135.73.

"We have launched today with our 1Gb/SimpliSafe Add-on at £46 per month totalling at £1104 over 24m, saving customers £31.73."


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