Infographic: How to keep kids safe on social media

Last updated: 22 January 2019

Learn how parents can help to keep their children safe when using social media apps such as facebook, kik, snapchat and instagram.

child using social media

This infographic reveals tips parents can use to help keep their children from harm when using facebook, snapchat, kik, instagram and other social media apps.

We cover information on how to use privacy settings, ensuring that accounts and posts are set to private - not public, disabling location services can keep information on where your child spends time hidden, and teaching kids to only accept friend requests from people they know and trust in real life.

We also look at social media etiquette - and how parents can help to equip their children by teaching them not to over-share personal information which could leave them exposed and vulnerable, how to avoid drama within their friendship groups, and not to trust everyone they meet or everything they read that is posted online.

By being more involved, parents can help to ensure their kids stay safe and protect their well-being when using social media apps.

For more information see our full guide here.

keep kids safe social media infographic

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