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By Justin Schamotta

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Ah, the joys of peer-to-peer networks. Whether it's money, music or messaging, the share-and-share alike ethos is more popular than ever before.

The latest application of this anarchic architecture is Degoo, a free online backup service.

Founded in 2009, the Swedish outfit makes use of multiple interconnected peers, who each make a portion of their disk storage directly available to other network participants, removing the need for expensive centralised servers.

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Unlike competitor Dropbox, which offers 2GB for free, Degoo provides customers with up to 100GB for free. So far, so good. But what's it like to use?

Getting started

Downloading and installing the program is easy and presents the user with a simple interface with just three tabs: 'backup', 'restore' and 'preferences'.

The backup tab allows users to either 'add' or 'remove' folders. Adding a folder requires nothing more than selecting it and clicking 'ok'.

Backup begins automatically, but isn't instantaneous.

At the time of writing, my 20GB-worth of pictures was given an estimated two days before it would be backed up. Smaller folders in the tens of MB take a minute or two.

Once a folder is backed up, Degoo updates the backup automatically when any file is added, edited or removed.

degoo download


Users can specify how much space they are willing to share based on how much free space they have available on their hard drive.

It is therefore possible to reach 100GB in backup space, even with very limited time online, if you have enough free space available to share.

There's also a tick box that allows users to share their computer's processor when it isn't being used.

In return, users receive double the amount of storage space.


The thought of spreading your precious files across multiple hard drives might seem a little worrying. In practice, however, spreading the files around actually reduces risk.

"We replicate all files across tons of different computers all across the globe and that makes it much more reliable than having all your files in a single data center like you would with the traditional approach," Degoo Founder, Carl Hasselskog, told us.

"For instance, during the storm Sandy many people lost all their files when data centers where flooded."

The files themselves are compressed, encrypted and fragmented into tiny parts before they are offered up to the system.

For those that like specifics, the encryption mechanism used is 128 bit AES, which is based on a symmetric-key algorithm and uses the Rijndael cipher. This is bolstered with CBC and PKCS5 padding.

Degoo claims that an 'advanced mathematical model' ensures that files can still be retrieved, even if one or more of the fragment-containing computers is offline when the files are called for.

In practice, this does indeed seem to be the case.

There were no problems retrieving any of the files I had backed up. The process was easy enough - click the 'restore' tab, then 'start a new restore'. Specify an empty folder (or create one) and then choose the file to be restored.

Retrieving my, admittedly small, file was pretty much instantaneous.

degoo user interface

Sharing is good

Degoo rewards sharing. Those that keep their computers online - and therefore available - get more storage. Although the relationship is proportional, there isn't a minimum requirement for being online.

As a new user with an estimated 20% online time, I was given 7GB of space to play with.

Someone who spends 40% of time online and shares 100GB of their hard drive will get 20GB. For each 20% more time spent online, the amount of reward storage increases by 10GB. Someone online all day every day will get 50GB.

And how do you get 100GB? By sharing your processor, not, thankfully, while you're using it but during the time that your computer is on but idle.

This processor sharing is managed by a third-party - Plura Processing - who 'harness the collective power of unused processors' and sell it on.

Plura, as stated in their blog, hope to sell to customers in the world of financial modelling and oil and gas exploration. This all makes me feel a little uncomfortable, so I personally won't be sharing my processor.

Alternatively, Degoo does sell hard drive space - perfect for the meanies who are happy enough to use other people's hard drives but who don't want to share their own.


Although they're a Swedish company, Degoo offers good English tech support.

Questions are seemingly answered quickly on the company's social media pages and via its website.


Although there are a number of cloud-based storage solutions available, Degoo is a good option for those seeking a low-cost, long term storage solution.

Those who care about the environment will be pleased about being able to bypass server farms, which consume massive amounts of electricity to run.

Degoo's easy-to-use interface and lack of insistent adverts asking you to upgrade make it one of the most appealing of the options doing the rounds.

Its potential downside is that users who don't spend much time online are unlikely to get much free storage. But, then again, such light users are less likely to have 100GB of data that needs backing up in the first place.

If, like me, you don't feel comfortable with sharing your computer's processor, however, it is a little galling to have that free 100GB headline figure cut in half, though 50GB worth of storage for sharing my hard drive still isn't half bad.


18 May 2017
Sereyvin Yang

How can I delete the pictures which I have uploaded? I need to remove some of them. Because after my phone was repaired, I get some old pictures back on my phone. After I downloaded Degoo again, I auto uploaded my old pictures which I already had on my account. Please help me to remove them.
One more thing, I want to download some pictures I need from my Degoo back to my phone. How can I download them?

10 April 2017
Mujeeb Ur Rehman Rahimi

I have come across a problem using Degoo Cloud Storage Service, and I have a question. Can we delete a file once it is added to the drives in Degoo?
I don't think so, but if yes, please let me know how?

26 June 2016
Gerline Mae Pableo

Hi, please help me how to recover my files. I'm pretty sure it said backup finished something like that but after I deleted the file from my local files, It got deleted on degoo also.. oh my God I'm really upset please respond to this email gmpableo@gmail.com. thank u so much.

23 May 2016
Jr Kinabalu

So i've uploaded some of my folders using deggo windows app but when I opened my account from chrome I checked I have not uploaded any single folder. Is this service a scam?? I wonder.

11 May 2016

Degoo have no option to changed the directory / destination from C drive to an other one. When It have that option it is really a great tool - how can i do it? It is making me dist ruble.

25 February 2016

Why can't I find my uploaded files on Android mobile? All it says is no space using 8 kb of 100 gb & now there is a second icon like the first tap to add contacts icon. So sorry I don't understand plus it freezes my key pad up @ times...grrr...

23 February 2016
Yaacov Koren

Why there is no option to delete a photo from the "Degoo" smart phone app?

10 February 2016
Gpro Fly

As indicated by Mahir, 100GB at start will go down and how much GBs? And as indicated by Mr. Wolfdale, a year ago, what happens if any of your clients already backed up 50GB and suddenly you reduce your shared space to 0? Will the files in the 50GB be deleted?

17 August 2015

Can we please have a mobile app for Degoo??? Please?

16 March 2015
Alipluss Ali

What about a free torrent cloud option? :)

9 February 2015

I think that so far Degoo is the best. Please just help me understand one small thing. The files that are stored on peer computers, what happens when a computer gets completely disconnected from the net? Assuming my computer is A and part of my data is stored on computer B in China. Computer B gets completely disconnected from the web, can I get back my files?

28 June 2015

As far I have understood, your files are divided into chunks and each chunk has dozens of copies and each copy is saved across the world and even if one person at some part of the world is disconnected, you can access the copy from other part of the world. ;)

27 November 2014
warren light

Where is the file metadata stored - the information of where my files are stored and how to re-assemble them?

22 November 2014

What happens if you already backup 50GB and suddenly you reduce your shared space to 0? Will the files in the 50GB be deleted?

10 November 2014

How long I can keep my files with Degoo?

30 October 2014
Waheed Rog

Is there any surety our data will never leak?

30 October 2014
Waheed Rog

How can we use it on Android phones?

24 October 2014

How much space would I receive if I didn't share any? If I shared 1? 5? And 10? Assuming that I don't share processor speed and have online time of around 2.5hrs/day using com.

19 October 2014

So, 100GB at the start, will that go down? Will I have to start paying for it, say, 2 years from now?

9 October 2014
Sateesh Dasyam

Is it a third party website?

28 June 2015

What do you mean 3rd-party?

12 September 2014
Andreas K

The most killer app for this would be something for Synology NAS platforms, since they are always on and have massive amounts of storage.

14 October 2014

Great suggestion! A NAS solution is definitely on our roadmap!

10 September 2014
Daniel Tripolar Montgomery

Degoo is unhackable unlike the idiot celebrities that uploaded pictures to iCloud.

1 December 2014
Godz Jr.

Nothing is "unhackable."

8 November 2014
Daniel Tripolar Montgomery

Degoo is so underrated. None of my friends knew about it until I told them. Best of all, it's stored across multiple servers like torrents, so a hacker can't just grab what you uploaded, like you were saying with iCloud.

4 June 2015

Since a backup (or a file) is split into chunks at different server locations, is it possible that one chunk is assigned to only one server (and no other copy on another server)
and if that server goes down, then that backup (or file) will be broken
is this possible? thanks

19 December 2015
Jim in Miami

I'm sure they have it set up in a RAID sort of configuration. Multiple chunks of information stored in different places with a checksum so the system can rebuild any missing parts if lost. Or maybe it's like a PARCHIVE sort of setup. Regardless, it's easy to make failureproof systems nowadays.

27 August 2014
David Anderson

If the service is free, and there is no advertising, how do you pay your staff and your bills?

14 October 2014

Our plan is to release a premium account next year. Premium account will give you access to more than 100 GB of storage.

25 July 2014
Barbara Reid

If I have other people's data stored on my computer, am I liable if my computer is disabled by, say, lightning or earthquake?

14 October 2014

No. We store all files across hundreds of computers. The file will still be accessible to the end user even if your computer is disabled and you will not be held liable.

21 September 2014

Degoo - it would be good if you could answer this question. Additionally, what if a HDD goes down permanently, like through a storm, lightning or complete crash?

14 July 2014
Thant Sin Lin

Is there a way to access my files through browser?

14 October 2014

Not at the moment. You can access your files from any computer in the world but you have to use your client.

20 April 2014

Is the data safe?

6 May 2014

Definitely! Check out this page to find out how we make sure that your data is safe: <a href="http://disq.us/url?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsupport.degoo.com%2Fcustomer%2Fportal%2Farticles%2F1428478-how-safe-is-degoo-%3AwW9TURSf4fju9F7zEEGaue5nnZE&amp;cuid=2412393" rel="nofollow noopener" title="http://support.degoo.com/customer/portal/articles/1428478-how-safe-is-degoo-">http://support.degoo.com/cu...</a>

2 January 2016
Narendra Ashar

Degoo, you have not clarified that how long this 100GB will be available to your clients.

As indicated by Mahir, 100GB at start will go down and how much GBs? And as indicated by Mr. Wolfdale, a year ago, what happens if any of your clients already backed up 50GB and suddenly you reduce your shared space to 0? Will the files in the 50GB be deleted?

Besides, are the files encrypted if any of your small/individual clients requires/prefer to use your only 100GB free back up.

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