TalkTalk reduce broadband prices for new customers

30 January 2017   By Samantha Smith

TALKTALK have reduced the prices of their "up to" 38Mb and 76Mb Faster Fibre broadband packages, enabling new customers to benefit from monthly subscription fees that will be £5 lower than usual for 24 months.

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In addition, the provider are also waiving the one-off £50 setup fee, although like the reduced subscription charge this offer will be available only until March 16th 2017.

However, until then, new customers will be able to pay only £27 a month (including line rental) for the 38Mb service and £32 a month (also including line rental) for the 76Mb service.

As generous as these reductions appear, they seem even more appealing in view of how TalkTalk's main rivals - BT, Sky and Virgin Media - have all recently announced price rises for their corresponding broadband packages.

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Only last week, BT revealed that their monthly broadband subscription fee was to rise by either £2 or £2.50 (depending on whether a customer has BT Infinity) from April 2nd.

Similarly, Sky followed suit a few days later with confirmation of an expected line rental increase, which from March 1st will rise from £17.40 to £18.99.

And lastly, Virgin Media announced their hike in November, when their customers learnt that their line rental would climb to £19 and their monthly broadband charge would increase by £2.99.

As such, the reductions announced today by TalkTalk suddenly appear in a more flattering light.

And in addition to the £5 monthly reduction on their 38Mb and 76Mb Faster Fibre packages, they've also revealed a cut to their Fast Broadband service, which offers speeds of "up to" 17Mb.

Like its faster siblings, it will be available at a reduced monthly fee for 24 months, during which new signees will pay a total of £20 a month instead of £22.95.

Of course, after this 24-month period has ended, customers will have to pay a standard monthly rate. In the case of the Fast Broadband deal, this increased rate will be £25, while in the case of the 36Mb and 76Mb plans they'll pay £32 and £37 respectively.


Still, before the two years have expired, TalkTalk assure new customers that their "Fixed Low Price Plan" means "your price will not change for your whole contract".

And it's largely because the monthly fee won't change that TalkTalk claim to be markedly cheaper over 24 months than either Sky, BT or Virgin Media. Not only that, but they also offer a free SIM card to new customers and free safety and security features.

It's this offer of free safety and security features that's interesting, since it highlights how the reduced-fee offers are part of TalkTalk's ongoing endeavour to restore their reputation after the infamous 2015 cyberattack.

This attack saw 156,959 customers have their personal details stolen, something which resulted in many of them leaving TalkTalk for other providers.

And since then, TalkTalk have struggled to get their broadband subscriber base above the four-million level it was before the attack occurred in October 2015.

This is why they've come up with such an enticing offer to new customers, since they clearly hope to prove to new and old customers alike that they can once again be trusted to treat them as well as possible.

And at the very least, it certainly proves they can offer their customers as generous a deal as possible.

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