E.On save fixed energy customers £262 on cinema tickets

28 September 2017, 14:10   By Samantha Smith

EON have launched a new one-year fixed energy tariff that gives customers two free cinema ticket vouchers every month, saving them £262.56 a year on average.

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Open to new and existing E.On customers, the E.On Fixed 1 Year Cinema Bundle also permits customers to save up the vouchers on offer, so that they can use four every two months, for example.

This makes it perfect for those who like going to the cinema in groups, or even for individual cinephiles who like going to the movies twice a month.

However, it should generally be taken up only by those who genuinely intend to use the cinema vouchers, since otherwise it's almost £200 more expensive than E.On's cheapest one-year tariff.


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How the new E.On Fixed 1 Year Cinema Bundle works is simple enough: they sign up for the tariff between September 27th and November 29th. Then, within 14 days of being invited via email to do so, they register online to receive the vouchers.

When registering, they'll be asked to provide their E.On account number, name, postcode and email address, and then to choose which of the two "partner" cinemas they'd prefer to go to: Odeon or Vue.

And that's it, with customers beginning from then on out to be emailed two cinema ticket voucher codes on the first of every month, granting them free entry to see all of the latest films.

According to E.On, such vouchers are worth £10.94 each, based on the average cinema ticket price in the UK. And given that customers are entitled to 24 vouchers each year, this works out to a total saving of roughly £262.56.

E.On believe that such savings will be attractive to a great many customers, seeing as how popular cinema going is as a pastime in the UK.

With our new Fixed 1 Year Cinema Bundle tariff, we're able to give customers a year's worth of cinema ticket vouchers for free, allowing them to enjoy their favourite films on the big screen without worrying about the cost.
Chris Lovatt, E.On

In fact, they've unsurprisingly conducted research in order to underline just how popular it is, with a survey of 2,000 adults revealing that "watching films is one of the main ways people relax, with almost four in ten UK adults saying this is how they choose to unwind (39%)".

Such escapism comfortably exceeds the popularity of working out (27%), "chilling out with wine" (27%), comfort eating (22%), cooking (15%), gardening (19%), and pubbing (11%). Although to be fair, seeing as how working out is largely about escaping the body and wine drinking is largely about escaping the mind, such pastimes could all be construed as escapism of one form or another.

And commenting on the enduring popularity of the cinema, E.On's Chris Lovatt said, "Last year was a record breaking year for the UK box office and we know that many people really enjoy going to the cinema as it helps them relax and unwind".


Lovatt also went on to add, "with the offer being linked to a fixed price one year tariff, people who sign up will also get the reassurance that their prices are protected for a period of 12 months".

That the tariff is fixed for one year may be true, yet the fact remains that the Fixed 1 Year Cinema Bundle is more expensive on average than E.On's two other main fixed one-year tariffs.

For instance, on the basis of an average consumption of 3,100 kWh of electricity and 12,500 kWh of gas, the Cinema Bundle comes to around £1,116.65 for one year.

By contrast, E.On also offer the following two fixed one-year tariffs, including the new Clean Energy tariff they launched a couple of weeks ago:

TariffAnnual price
E.ON Go Online 1 Year v1£924.44
E.ON Clean Energy Fixed 1 Year v1£1,070.84

Making the most of a deal

In other words, the Cinema Bundle is £192.21 more expensive than the lowest priced tariff available from E.On.

That said, it is £34.67 a year cheaper than the provider's standard variable tariff (at £1,151.29), which the provider recently announced will be gradually phased out over the coming months.

And that's even before the cinema vouchers are factored into the equation. Assuming that the customer uses all 24 (bringing the overall annual cost down to £854.09), then they will save around £298.23 a year compared to the SVT, as well as £70.35 compared to the Go Online tariff.

This means that, so long as the customer really is an avid filmgoer who will make the most of the cinema vouchers, the Cinema Bundle tariff is a very good deal, and better than even some fixed tariffs from many challenger suppliers.

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