Echo Show 8 vs Google Nest Hub

Last updated: 5 March 2020   By Justin Schamotta

The Amazon Echo Show 8 and the Google Nest Hub are two of the most popular smart displays - and they're both great. But which is the best?

Smart displays are like smart speakers but with the additional bonus of a screen that can show answers to questions, the feed from a doorbell cam, or a choice of the latest movies.

Two of the very best on the market are Amazon's Echo Show 8 and Google's Nest Hub. While they inevitably share many similarities - they're both powered by capable voice assistants and allow you to control smart devices on-screen - they also have some key differences.

The support offered to different streaming channels will be a deal-breaker for many people - Netflix is only available with the Google Nest Hub, for example.

For others, the better speakers of the Amazon Echo will be a major draw.

For us, the Nest Hub just took the overall lead thanks to its combination of adaptable display, more advanced voice assistant, and less heavy reliance on paid subscription streaming services.

google nest hub vs echo show 8

At a glance

Google Nest Hub Amazon Echo Show 8
Price £80
Screen size 7-in 8-in
Resolution 1,024 x 600 1,280 x 800
Dimensions (WxHxD) 17.9 x 11.8 x 6.7cm 20 x 13.6 x 9.9cm
Weight 480g 1.037g
Wireless Connectivity Wi-fi, Bluetooth 5.0 Wi-fi, Bluetooth
Voice Assistant Google Assistant Alexa
On-screen smart home controls Yes Yes
Built-in Camera No Yes
Microphones 2-mic array 4-mic array
Streaming Music Services Google Play Music, YouTube, Spotify (free), Capital FM and BBC radio stations. Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify (paid subscription only), TuneIn, Heart and Absolute.
Streaming Video Services YouTube, Netflix, All 4, HBO Now. Amazon Prime Video, Vimeo, Bloomberg, Food Network, and Hulu.
Colour Options Charcoal, Aqua, Sand, Chalk Charcoal, Sandstone


The Nest Hub looks like a small tablet attached to a stand, while the chunkier Echo Show 8 looks more like an old skool TV.

Both the Echo Show 8 and Nest Hub hold their screens at almost exactly the same fixed angle (though Amazon do make a £25 plastic stand that tilts the screen), and use furry fabric to cover their speakers at the back.

echo show and google nest hub side view

Amazon's Echo Show has a rounder shape than Google's Nest Hub which looks more like a screen on a stand.

Of the two, the Google fabric is a little nicer, with an almost herringbone pattern. However, this is offset by the fabric not covering the entire rear of the screen and leaving a fair amount of plastic on show. This cheapens it a little compared with the all-fabric back of the Echo Show 8.

echo show and google nest hub back view

The Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show 8 from behind.

The available colours for the Nest Hub's fabric and surround are chalk, charcoal, aqua and sand. By comparison, the Echo Show 8 only ships in two colours: charcoal or sandstone.


The Echo Show 8 has the nicer overall design, with the speaker joining smoothly with the screen.


Given that Google remains king of the search engines it might not be surprising that the Nest Hub is better at answering queries.

For example, asking both devices to name the capital of Wales yielded the same spoken word answer i.e. Cardiff.

But whereas Alexa stopped here, Google's Assistant set out reading the Wikipedia entry for Cardiff aloud (and scrolling the text on-screen), which is ultimately far more informative.

searching for info echo show and google nest hub

The Google Nest Hub offers integration with Google's search engine for voice requests.

Asking both devices about nuclear fusion resulted in the Nest Hub reading (and scrolling) the entry about nuclear fusion from Wikipedia.

Alexa, by comparison, started her answer with "According to another Amazon customer, nuclear fusion.." etc. While we don't doubt the intelligence of Amazon customers, this doesn't seem to be the most credible of sources.


The Google Nest Hub uses more reliable sources and presents the information more comprehensively.


Both devices have good looking displays with crisp images and rich, vivid colours. However, you get more bang for your buck with the Echo Show's 8-inch screen.

searching for info echo show and google nest hub

Amazon's Echo Show offers a larger mid-size screen, but Google's 7" Nest Hub stands up well.

On paper, the Nest Hub's 1,024x600 screen resolution isn't quite up to the Echo Show 8's 1,280x800. However, you'd be hard pressed to actually see a difference in use.

Both devices claim to automatically alter their screens' brightness depending on the ambient light. This seemed to work much better with the Nest Hub, with the changes being obvious when the level of light was altered.


The Nest Hub's ambient light sensor works really well too, giving displayed images a pleasing matt quality.

Audio quality

Both devices have their speakers behind their similarly sized screen, but the design of the Echo Show 8 means that there's more internal space to play with.

The result is that the Echo Show 8 has noticeably better sound quality, with a richer tone and crisper high-end. It also does better at louder volumes, making it suitable for small gatherings of people rather than just background noise in the kitchen.

Nevertheless, it's worth bearing in mind that both devices are Bluetooth compatible so there's always the option of using a portable speaker.


The Echo Show 8's sound quality is far superior to the Nest Hub's, being both fuller and cleaner. It's also worth mentioning that the Echo Show 8 also has a headphone jack, which the Nest Hub doesn't.

Video streaming

Both devices are perfectly capable of streaming internet-based media. The key difference is in the support provided to different platforms.

If you can't live without Netflix, then the Nest Hub is the one to go for. If you're more of an Amazon Prime person, then you'll be happier with the Echo Show 8.

If you're committed to neither, then it's worth noting that the Nest Hub supports YouTube, while the Echo Show 8 doesn't (well, it does via a browser, but it's not worth going to the trouble for).


The Nest Hub works seamlessly with YouTube, giving it the edge over the Echo Show 8.

Phone calls

Making calls is easy with both devices - just share your contacts with the relevant assistant and they'll connect you with a simple voice command.

The big difference between them is video calling. The Nest Hub doesn't have a camera, so you're never going to be able to see the person you're calling.

The Echo Show 8, by contrast, does - though it's slightly underwhelming at 1MP.


The Echo Show 8 supports Skype and has a camera - neither of which are available with the Nest Hub.

Smart hub

The Nest Hub and Echo Show 8 both make it easy to manage connected smart home devices via a dedicated control panel.

However, Google's is the slightly better interface. Countering that is the fact that Alexa supports more smart home devices.

For example, the Nest Hub currently only works with Nest cameras, but the Echo Show 8 works with devices like the Ring Video Doorbell, the Blink XT2 Security Camera and the Arlo Baby Monitor.


Draw - The Nest Hub's smart home display is easier to use, but the Echo Show 8 recognises more devices.


While both devices initially cost the same, they really need further monetary input to fully enjoy them - this is particularly true of the Echo Show 8.

Unless you're an Amazon Prime subscriber - or, at least, an Amazon Music subscriber - then your options for listening to music and streaming video are pretty limited.

Where Price
Amazon Echo Show 8 Amazon £89.99
Google Nest Hub John Lewis £79
Google Nest Hub Currys PC World £79


The Nest Hub has the best free streaming service of the two in the form of YouTube.

Overall winner?

Read more

The Nest Hub is the better choice between the two, but not by that much. It just felt slightly more advanced - the Assistant was more wide-ranging in her answers and better able to provide useful assistance.

Things like being able to provide accurate directions in an instant and then sending the results directly to a phone were quietly impressive.

The Nest Hub also feels less locked into a money-making loop. For example, trying to shop with the Echo Show 8 only brings up results from Amazon.

We also loved the display, particularly when looking at photos. The ambient light sensor was surprisingly effective and made a real difference to how the device felt in the home.

That said, those who do still opt for the Echo Show 8 won't be disappointed. It, too, has many pluses - a camera, great speakers, niftier design and smart device compatibility.

All in all, both devices are great - it's just that the Nest Hub is that bit greater.


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