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Choose provides information and resources on personal finance and home media and mobile, primarily to consumers. Choose has been covering the consumer marketplace since 2003.

Lyndsey Burton, Founder is the main driving force behind Choose and, with over fourteen years experience, is available to help with any enquiries for information or comment.

Choose has provided comment to national press on topics ranging from Internet filtering and safety to financial education and fuel poverty.

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10 December 2013

Keep it simple to boost business broadband

Small and medium sized businesses in ten major urban centres are now able to apply for grants of up to £3,000 to upgrade their broadband connections to at least 30Mb.

Altnets or business grade services may offer the best service for many small businesses but, Choose Founder Lyndsey Burton says today, as it stands business owners may struggle to find out about them.

The scheme will need to keep it simple to succeed, and ensure that grants don’t just go to the biggest ISPs.

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