Winners announced: Choose Mobile Awards 2022

5 April 2022

Digital inclusion and ethical initiatives recognised

Choose is pleased to announce the winners of the Choose Mobile Awards 2022.

These awards look at traditional markers of exceptional mobile experience such as speed and coverage, but they also feature categories that matter to modern customers searching for a good mobile provider. The following categories demonstrate the commitment of mobile providers to focus on developing the services they offer and improving the way they operate their businesses:

  • Digital Inclusion - Virgin Media O2 (Gold), VOXI (Silver), Vodafone (Bronze)
  • Ethical Initiatives - Virgin Media O2 (Gold), Vodafone (Silver), Sky Mobile (Bronze)
  • Community Contribution - Lycamobile (Gold), Sky Mobile (Silver), Three (Bronze)
  • Innovation - Sky Mobile (Gold), Virgin Media O2 (Silver), Vodafone (Bronze)

These providers are leaders in their categories, with full details of their award-winning initiatives available on the Choose website.

10 further categories were awarded, with seven different mobile providers recognised as Gold winners:

  • Best Overall - Sky Mobile (Gold), EE (Silver)
  • Best Coverage - EE (Gold), Vodafone (Silver)
  • Best for 5G - Three (Gold), EE (Silver)
  • Best Value - Sky Mobile (Gold), Three (Silver)
  • Best Budget - SMARTY (Gold), Talkmobile (Silver)
  • Fastest Network - EE (Gold), Vodafone (Silver)
  • Fair Terms - Tesco Mobile (Gold), giffgaff (Silver)
  • Best Unlimited - giffgaff (Gold), SMARTY (Silver)
  • Best Streaming - VOXI (Gold), Sky Mobile (Silver)
  • Best Customer Service - giffgaff (Gold), Tesco Mobile (Silver), Sky Mobile (Bronze)

Only the four mobile network operators (MNOs) were considered for the Fastest Network, Best Coverage and Best for 5G awards, while a range of popular mobile virtual network operators (MNVOs) were considered for the rest of the awards.

Lyndsey Burton, MD of Choose, said, "The Choose Mobile Awards 2022 demonstrate there is plenty that sets mobile providers apart from each other, not just in the sense of value and benefits but also in the way providers are working hard behind the scenes.

"We wanted our awards to look at the way companies are working towards net zero as well as the way they help people stay connected with each other. We've also seen mobile companies step up to an international crisis by pledging support to Ukraine, and that's also something we've recognised in our Community Contribution award.

"For many customers, there are practical reasons to choose one mobile provider over another such as coverage, speed and budget. Yet, as the Choose Mobile Awards 2022 prove, many providers have some distinguishing features that help them stand out from the crowd.".

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