How to find the cheapest business broadband

business broadband

For many small businesses, broadband is an essential. But it can also be expensive.

Here's our guide to the cheapest deals available right now and whether, for businesses and home workers, they're better than residential deals, which are even cheaper.

The cheapest deals

Some of the UK's best known budget broadband providers now offer deals for businesses and that's where we're really seeing prices fall.

The cheapest packages generally require you to take the broadband provider's landline service as well as broadband and come with limited inclusive calls and a long contract.

Features Line Rental Price Total cost
plusnet Business broadband and phone 25GB
PAYG calls
24 month contract
£10.50 a month £4 for 12 months
then £8
£14.50 for 12 months
then £19.50
Visit Plusnet
talktalk Simply broadband 1 static IP
No inclusive calls
12 month contract
£14.50 £4 £18.50 Visit TalkTalk Business
primus Saver business broadband Unlimited usage
No inclusive calls
24 month contract
£9.99 £9.99
(first 3 months free)
(first £9.99 months free)
Visit Primus Business Broadband + Phone
bt business Basic business broadband 10GB usage
No inclusive calls
24 month contract
£10 £13 £23 Visit BT Business Broadband + Phone

NOTE: all business prices exclude 20% VAT.

... without a long contract

As you can see, all of these deals will tie in a business for at least a year, if not two which is often less than ideal for small or new businesses looking to expand.

Some sweeten the deal with free premises moves - TalkTalk offers three free moves, for example - so it's worth taking a look at that or considering going with a short or no contract option.

Plusnet are one of the few providers offering business broadband on a 30 day rolling contract.

Costs are higher, however. With a 12 or 1 month contract subscribers don't get the Plusnet 'money off for 12 months' offer and, with a 1 month contract, line rental rises to £14.50 a month.

There's also higher set up costs: a £40 activation charge and a £25 (plus £4.99 postage) charge for the Plusnet router, if the business needs a router.

Zen Internet also offer business deals on a 1 month contract, though their prices are fairly high. See our review for more information on this provider.

... without having to change phone provider

Another potential irritation is having to move landline provider to get the best cheapest deal, particularly for businesses with specialist calls deals.

It is worth noting that many of these cheap providers do offer decent capped rates, inclusive calls and/or call services packages which are worth checking out, see next section, but businesses dead set on sticking with their fixed line provider and just moving broadband have options too.

Providers with broadband only options:

Virgin Media offer business broadband that doesn't require a phone line at all, find out more about broadband without a landline here.

PCCW owned UK Broadband have offered a 4G broadband service for businesses that doesn't require a landline since June 2014, but they only cover very Central London.

... with more calls

Line rental with pay as you go calls is a nice feature for businesses that don't use their landline all that much.

For those that do need to be on the phone a lot, though, it's well worth considering paying a little extra every month for an inclusive bundle.

Looking at three of the lowest cost providers, we can see that paying monthly could easily be cheaper than pay as you go:

Basic line rental£10.50 (with 24/m contract only)£14.50£9.99
Basic call chargesUK landline 3p/min
UK mobile 9.95p/min
UK landline 3p/min
UK mobile 9.95p/min
UK landline 1p/min
UK mobile 8p/min
Inclusive callsAnytime UK landline +£4Inclusive UK landline daytime calls with Max +£5.01Unlimited UK landline and mobile calls with Complete +£6.50
For a full list Visit PlusnetFor a full list Visit Primus Business Broadband + PhoneFor a full list Visit TalkTalk Business

For full details check with each provider. They have to show call charges before sign up.

There are also deals including international minutes available, usually to the 20 most popular destinations.

Bear in mind that some providers charge for call features like voicemail, though some include them

TalkTalk Complete customers get features like call waiting, caller display and three way calling included, for example.

... with fibre

Finally, all the deals above are with standard, ADSL or ADSL2+, broadband but fibre business broadband is also available with most of the budget providers.

All of the following business providers offer fibre through the BT Wholesale network.

Features Line Rental Price Total cost
talktalk Simply fibre broadband 1 static IP
No inclusive calls
£14.50 £19 £33.50 Visit TalkTalk Business
talktalk Complete fibre broadband 4 static IPs
Inclusive anytime UK calls
Call features included
£14.50 £25.50 £40 Visit TalkTalk Business
plusnet Fibre broadband and phone 50GB £10.50 a month £10 for 12 months
then £23
£20.50 for 12 months
then £33.50
Visit Plusnet
plusnet Unlimited business broadband and phone Unlimited £10.50 a month £15 for 12 months
then £33
£25.50 for 12 months
then £43.50
Visit Plusnet
primus Business 38Mb fibre Unlimited usage
500 inclusive UK minutes
£9.99 £19.99 £29.98 Visit Primus Business Broadband + Phone
primus Business 38Mb fibre and unlimited calls Unlimited usage
Anytime inclusive UK calls
£9.99 £24.99 £34.98 Visit Primus Business Broadband + Phone

NOTE: all business prices exclude 20% VAT..

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