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By Samantha Smith

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HAVING recently won the title of Best Overall ISP in our first ever broadband awards, Sky appear to have come over all generous, extending and refreshing the offers available on their various broadband deals.

Those who are completely new to Sky can choose between getting the provider's unlimited broadband, plus a £100 prepaid MasterCard, free for a year with Sky Talk line rental (£17.40 a month), or Sky's 25GB fibre broadband for no more than the price of line rental and calls each month.

Customers who want or already have Sky TV can add Sky Talk and Sky Broadband from as little as £22.40 a month including line rental for 12 months, or for £27.40 a month with free anytime calls.

'Free' broadband

Sky's headline deal this week is an old favourite of theirs, and only available to people who don't have and don't want Sky TV as well.

As well as providing the broadband part of the phone and broadband bundle free of charge for 12 months, they're throwing in a £100 prepaid MasterCard.

Sky Broadband Latest Offers

Get Sky Broadband Unlimited free for 12 months, plus a £100 prepaid MasterCard.

£17.40 a month line rental applies. £9.95 router P&P.

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Hurry! Offer ends on 6th October!

In just over a month's time, the incoming changes to the rules regarding how broadband prices can be advertised means we won't need to point out that customers will still be billed for line rental, currently £17.40 a month, or that they may also need to pay setup fees.

In this case, there aren't any connection fees unless customers need a new BT-compatible phone line installing, but all new customers will need to pay at least £9.95 to cover router delivery.

There are two routers to choose from - the older Sky Hub or the new Sky Q Hub, which costs an extra £20 on top of the delivery fee.

Sky Fibre

Also available on similar "free" terms for a year is Sky's capped Fibre Broadband, which comes with a 25GB per month data allowance.

This offer is open to anyone who doesn't already have Sky Broadband, whether they have Sky TV or not.

Those signing up without TV will face setup costs of £39, plus the router delivery charge; those getting TV as well should expect to pay £49 for setup. Again, opting for the Sky Q Hub will cost another £20 on top of those fees.

Sky Broadband Latest Offers

Get Sky Fibre (25GB usage) free for 12 months.

£17.40 a month line rental applies. Setup fees from £39; £9.95 router P&P.

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Have or want Sky TV too?

People who have Sky TV but not Sky Broadband can upgrade to add the latter at a discount: the broadband part of the TV, phone and internet bundle will cost £5 a month for the first 12 months instead of the usual £10:

Sky Broadband and TV Latest Offers

Get Sky Broadband Unlimited at half price for 12 months with Sky TV

£17.40 a month line rental applies. Setup fees from £10; £9.95 router P&P.

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Alternatively, TV subscribers can choose to pay full price for the broadband (£27.40 a month, including line rental), but get anytime calls free of charge instead, instead of having to pay £8 a month.

Sky Talk Anytime offer
Get Sky Talk Anytime free with Sky TV
and Sky Broadband Unlimited: click here

As the £17.40 a month line rental doesn't include any calls, but Sky's Talk Extra bundles include both UK landlines and mobiles, anyone who still uses their home phone for the occasional call could well benefit from the free add-on; getting weekend calls alone will cost £4 a month.

Customers getting Sky TV as well as Sky Broadband for the first time should be aware that Sky TV comes with setup fees of at least £10 depending on the exact bundle they choose.

Sky TV
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Broadly, the setup fees for the broadband part of the deal are the same as outlined above - with one key difference. Customers who go for one of the Sky Q TV deals will get the Sky Q Hub automatically, for just £9.95 postage and packing.

There's more on Sky Broadband in general - the different packages and other offers available, how it performs compared with the other big ISPs, and what the customer service is like - in our full review here.

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