Now TV offer free Sky Sports day pass this Thursday

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By Simon Chandler

sky sports on mobile© Sky

NOW TV are offering their customers a free one day pass to 10 Sky Sports channels, enabling them to watch the first day of the British Open at no extra cost.

The offer - which is available to new and existing customers - is running only on Thursday 20th, meaning that people will have to move fast if they wish to take advantage of it.

If they do take it up, they'll be able to enjoy such channels as Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports Main Event, although if they want to continue viewing such channels until after the pass' 24 hours have expired they'll have to begin paying.

How many channels?

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Given the amount of channels on offer and the breadth of sport available through them, the idea behind the whole promotion is obviously that customers will want to begin paying.

This is perhaps all the moreso given that the offer coincides with Sky's relaunch of their sports channels, which have been extended in number from seven to ten.

As listed below, they cover virtually every sport British fans are likely to care about, from cricket to motorsport and rugby:

Of course, there are few things customers ought to remember before they jump in and take Now TV up on their offer.

First of all, new customers will obviously have to sign up for a Now TV account. In certain cases - such as when customers want a broadband and TV bundle from Now - this might undercut the offer of a "free" day pass, since they'd have to pay an installation fee.

However, when customers want to take out only a TV pass from Now, no installation fee is required. Correspondingly, the option to watch Now TV on devices such as tablets and smartphones means that customers can begin watching instantly, without waiting for a set top box to arrive.

Having said that, another thing worth mentioning is that they will obviously need a broadband or 3G connection in order to actually do this, since Now TV - who incidentally are owned by Sky - is transmitted via the internet rather than by satellite or aerial.

And lastly, they will also need to contact Now TV and redeem their free day pass by 11.59pm on Thursday. After it has been redeemed it will allow them to watch the 10 Sky Sports channels for 24 hours.

After the day pass

Once the pass has run its full 24 hour course, customers will need to order a new pass if they want to continue watching Sky Sports via Now TV, since unlike the one month TV passes Now offer, day passes don't auto-renew.

Still, despite this potential yet slight inconvenience, customers may be pleased to hear that even with the revamping and extending of the Sky Sports channels, Sky Sports passes will still cost exactly the same as they did previously.

Pass durationCost
Day Pass£6.99
Week Pass£10.99
Month Pass£33.99

That prices are remaining the same is welcome news, especially considering that comparable sports-related TV packages from the likes of BT have seen their monthly fees increase this year.

Given the value for money it represents, and given the attraction of a free Sky Sports day pass, it can only be the hoped that any surge in demand won't cause a service crash, like it did in 2014 when too many people were trying to watch the last day of the Premier League at the same time.

Find out more and sign up for Now TV here.

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