Hyperoptic offer students discounted ultrafast broadband

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By Simon Chandler

hyperoptic© Hyperoptic

HYPEROPTIC have launched a special offer for students and customers in flatshares, offering ultrafast broadband for discounted rates for 12 months.

The offer runs from August 3rd to August 31st, allowing students or anyone else in a flatshare to save up to 37% on their monthly broadband bill.

All they need to quote the special promo code (details below) Hyperoptic are providing when placing their order, and with that they'll soon have access to some of the fastest broadband currently available.

Of course, the only downside is that Hyperoptic still isn't available everywhere in the UK, so customers will have to first check whether their addresses are covered by the provider's network before getting excited.


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Hyperoptic are already well reputed for their ultrafast broadband network capable of 1Gb speeds, yet this new offer seems them becoming very competitive on price to boot.

As the table below makes clear, they're offering reductions of anything between £8 and £20 on their three broadband only packages.

SpeedPromotional 12 month pricePrice after 12 months

One important detail not covered above is that there are no upfront activation or installation fees. Better yet, in a similar vein to how Hyperoptic offer 30-day contracts as part of other deals, customers can cancel at anytime over the course of the 12 months without having to pay any exit fees.

If nothing else, this combination of the ability to cancel with the lack of upfront fees is evidence of how confident Hyperoptic must be that the vast majority of customers will be entirely satisfied with the service they receive.

And if people who aren't students or in a flatshare are jealous of what's currently being offered, it's worth pointing out that Hyperoptic are also running special deals on their broadband only and broadband-phone packages for new customers in general.

PackagePromotional 12 month pricePrice after 12 months
20Mb broadband + phone£20£25
100Mb broadband + phone£27£38
More info
1Gb broadband + phone£48£63
More info

As with the students offer, it ends on August 31st, although one difference is that early cancellation would still be subject to an exit fee.

Addresses and the special code

However, aside from the fact that prices will go up after a year, one potential drawback of all these deals is that Hyperoptic's network still doesn't cover the entire UK.

It currently serves 350,000 premises (including residential and business premises), and is available in 28 towns and cities throughout Britain, such as London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Brighton.

Given this limitation, customers would be advised to refer to the map and availability checker on the Hyperoptic website before making an order, otherwise they may end up being disappointed.

And of course, they need to place their order before August 31st, using the following promo code: FLATSHARE17.

Other than that, the only thing they need to do is get ready to enjoy speeds fast enough to make Virgin Media, BT and Sky customers envious.


4 October 2017

There's now a new promo code expiring in a couple of weeks which brings the same 25% discount for students. I was just wondering if you needed any proof of being a student or if anyone could apply this discount to their order?

4 October 2017
Choose team

Hi Bob, we've checked with Hyperoptic and you don't need any proof as the promotion also applies to flat sharers too. You will only need the promotional code to apply, and an address where Hyperoptic is available. Good luck!

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