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By Samantha Smith

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SKY have announced a raft of blink and you'll miss it bank holiday weekend half price upgrades for their existing TV customers.

With prices set to rise next month for most of those who already have Sky TV, the offers - which all end on Monday night - could help soothe the pain by giving subscribers a bit more for a bit less.

Included in the deal are Sky Movies, Sky Sports and the Family Bundle at half price for 12 months; it's also possible to get Sky Multiscreen and Sky Go Extra at 50% off for the next year.

People thinking of joining Sky, meanwhile, may want to look at some of the deals they're running for new customers, the latest of which we covered here.

The offers

So how much does half price for 12 months mean we could save? Here's how the offers stack up:

Package Usual price Bank Holiday sale price
sky Sky Movies £18 a month £9 a month
sky Sky Sports £27.50 a month £13.75 a month
sky Family Bundle From £6 extra a month From £3 extra a month
sky Sky Multiscreen £12 per room per month £6 per room per month
sky Sky Go Extra
(NB this service is free with Sky Multiscreen)
£5 a month £2.50 a month

As mentioned above, anyone interested in these deals needs to move pretty quickly, as they're only available until the end of Monday, May 30th.

There's more detail on what's included with each of these bundles and services in our full review of Sky+, available here.

The detail - Family Bundle

Those interested in upgrading to the Family Bundle need to be aware that it's only the difference between the cost of their existing package and the Family Bundle that they'll be getting the 50% discount on.

An Original Bundle customer, for example, will currently be paying between £20 and £22 a month; upgrading to the Family Bundle would therefore add between £14 and £16 to their monthly bill.

Upgrade for half price
Get Sky Family from an extra £3 per month

Until the end of Monday they'll pay between £7 and £8 a month for the next 12 months.

Variety Bundle customers, whose monthly bills would rise from £32 to £38, will pay £3 a month more for the next year.

The detail - Multiscreen

Anyone debating whether to sign up to Sky Multiscreen or Sky Go Extra should first be aware that Sky Go Extra is included with Sky's extra room service.

The next thing those looking at Multiscreen need to be aware of is that they can only take advantage of the half price deal if they don't already have it.

That's because it's possible to add multiple boxes to an existing Sky+ subscription - up to six, in fact.

Upgrade for half price
Sky Multiscreen for £6 per room per month
Or get Sky Go Extra for £2.50 a month

Because the standard multiscreen box is a single tuner affair that can't record, anyone wanting to add a couple of fancier Sky+ HD boxes (with their dual tuners) will be limited to just three more per household.

Under the terms of this deal, however, anyone wanting to add multiple boxes can do so, for £6 per month per box.

Those just dipping their toes in - that is, getting the basic extra box, for the first time - will get that box, and installation, free of charge.

Opting for one of the Sky+ boxes (which can record) will cost £49 per box, and customers getting more than one more box will have to pay for the setup of the rest.

It's probably best to start small, however, as each new box comes with a minimum 12-month contract.

No contract

Upgrade for half price
Try Sky Movies for £9 per month
Or try Sky Sports for £13.75 a month

Those who fancy trying Sky Sports or Sky Movies have no such worries however; taking advantage of this weekend's half price deal comes with a minimum commitment of just one month.

If subscribers decide the channels just aren't for them, they can drop them with just 31 days' notice.

Sky TV Latest Upgrade Offers

Upgrade to Sky Movies, Sky Sports, the Family Bundle, Sky Go Extra, or Sky Multiscreen and pay half price for 12 months

Get this deal

Hurry! Offer ends midnight Monday 30 May!

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