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By Samantha Smith

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WE'RE about to begin a summer bank holiday weekend, so there are a few things we can expect - like changeable weather, barbecues taking place even if it's pouring down, and a couple of upgrade and new customer offers from Sky.

Existing customers looking to add something extra to their bundles can choose from either Sky Sports or Sky Cinema at half price for six months, but only until midnight on Monday.

Those who don't have or want Sky TV can still benefit from one of their slightly longer running deals, offering free unlimited broadband for 12 months (plus the price of line rental and call charges) - and a prepaid MasterCard.

Package Usual price Bank Holiday sale price
sky Sky Cinema £18 a month £9 a month
sky Sky Sports £27.50 a month £13.75 a month
sky Sky Unlimited broadband
(without Sky TV)
£10 a month Free for 12 months, plus a £75 Prepaid MasterCard

Broadband on its own

We'll start with the standalone deal first, so people who are only interested in Sky for their broadband don't have to keep reading.

New customers can get their standard unlimited broadband free for the full 12 months of the initial contract term (bearing in mind line rental and call charges) - with an extra incentive in the form of a £75 prepaid MasterCard:

Sky Broadband Latest Offers

Get Sky Unlimited broadband free for 12 months (usually £10/mth) plus a £75 Prepaid MasterCard when you join without Sky TV.

Get this deal

Hurry! Offer ends midnight September 1st!

It's not so much a Bank Holiday offer as a Summer Special, running as it does until the end of September 1st.

We'd normally add a caveat here about very little ever being truly free, particularly in the case of broadband - but at the moment it's possible to get both broadband and anytime calls for 12 months for the cost of line rental alone.

Sky Talk customer offer
Free anytime calls for 12 months,
with Sky Broadband: click here

That's because Sky are still offering their Talk Anytime Extra calls bundle free of charge to new unlimited broadband customers for 12 months.

We'd say that for those who want to move to Sky Broadband, it's worth it. Sky line rental costs £17.40 a month on a pay as you call basis; their evening and weekend call bundle costs £4 a month, and Talk Anytime Extra usually costs £8 a month.

There's more on Sky Broadband in our full review here.

Sky Cinema

At the start of July, Sky Movies evolved overnight into Sky Cinema. As well as making HD standard for all Sky Cinema customers, Sky promised to show a premiere every night, and to bring big hits to the small(er) screen more quickly.

The addition of the channels in HD may well have been enough to make up for the channel pack rising to £18 a month from June - especially as before then the only way to get Sky Movies (as was) in HD was to upgrade to what was then called the Family Bundle (now known as the Box Sets Bundle), then add the £6 HD pack on top of that.

Half price offer
Sky Cinema at £9 a month for six months
Hurry! Offer ends midnight Monday 29 August!

Sky are also boasting that Sky Cinema is now more, well, cinematic, than it was before - not because of the content, but the way they're broadcasting.

All the films they show are now being broadcast using a format with a greater pixel count and far greater colour range than previously; they also say they've improved the audio output, so there should be more range and contrast between loud bits and quiet bits.

We shouldn't need to do anything to benefit from the better picture, but dramatic changes in volume might not be to everyone's taste - although that probably depends on the sort of films we like watching.

In any case, from now until Monday night, existing Sky customers can get the 11 live channels, Sky Cinema Premiere +1, and the on demand channel, all in HD, for £9 a month for six months.

Sky TV Latest Upgrade Offers

Upgrade to Sky Cinema and pay half price for six months

Get this deal

Hurry! Offer ends midnight Monday 29 August!

Sky Sports

Bank holiday special offers are all well and good, but we're guessing that a lot of those who would be thinking about getting it at this time of year have already taken the plunge, in order not to miss the start of the new football season.

Half price offer
Sky Sports at £13.75 a month for six months
Hurry! Offer ends midnight Monday 29 August!

Football isn't all there is to Sky Sports, however.

From next year, Sky Sports F1 will be the only place to see live coverage of all the 2017 F1 races - and out of season, this is the channel most likely to host takeovers for other sporting events, as happened last Christmas for the William Hill World Darts Championship.

The UK legs of the Ashes are all exclusive to Sky Sports too, although those wanting to see the Australian parts of the competition as well will also need BT Sport. There's more on which of the big sport broadcasters cover what in our guides to Sky Sports (here) and BT Sport (here).

It's worth mentioning here that there's an added bonus for those thinking of getting Sky Sports: free or discounted fibre broadband for as long as customers take the premium channel pack.

The free fibre broadband on offer is Sky's capped package, offering 25GB of data per month; their unlimited up to 38Mb fibre is offered at a discounted price of £10 per month instead of £20.

Existing TV and fibre broadband customers should contact Sky to make sure they get their discount if they do upgrade to add Sky Sports - but anyone thinking of adding the fibre offer to their bundle needs to be aware that it's subject to a new 12 month contract.

Those who don't have Sky broadband already will also need to factor in the cost of line rental before getting too excited about the free fibre.

Sky TV Latest Upgrade Offers

Upgrade to Sky Sports and pay half price for six months

Get this deal

Hurry! Offer ends midnight Monday 29 August!

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