Vodafone offer free £199 gift to broadband customers

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By Simon Chandler

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VODAFONE are offering new and upgrading broadband customers a free gift worth up to £199, as part of a new promotion running until September 10th.

The gift is available to new customers signing up for one of the provider's three broadband packages, as well as to existing customers upgrading to a more expensive package.

Once customers have either signed up or upgraded, they will have a choice from a number of options, including cameras, speakers, and a Fitbit device.

However, customers who take up the offer of a free gift will lose the option of claiming £100 of credit, which Vodafone provide to those customers who join them after breaking contract with their previous supplier.

The gifts

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Ever since mobile operator Vodafone entered the home broadband market in 2015, it has struggled to make a significant dent in the customer numbers of such bigger ISPs as BT, Sky and Virgin Media.

They currently have only 245,000 broadband subscribers, yet to be fair, their latest quarterly results revealed they added 29,000 new customers, at a time when BT and Virgin Media are adding much the same numbers.

Unsurprisingly, they want to build on this kind of modest growth and potentially overtake the bigger players, which is why they've introduced their latest special offer,.

Beginning on August 10th and running until September 9th, it applies to the following broadband packages:

PackagePrice per monthSetup fee
17Mb broadband and line rental£25£24 (existing customers), £49 (new customers)
38Mb broadband and line rental£25£0
76Mb broadband and line rental£30£0

Once signed up or upgraded to one of the above, customers will have the option of choosing from a selection of gifts, which are listed below:

A quick search on the web shows that the Sonos speaker is the most expensive of these, coming in at £199, with the TomTom camera and Sennheiser headphones coming close seconds, at around £169 a piece.

Of course, it's not necessarily advisable to go for a gift simply because it's the most expensive, and customers who are into music, for example, may be happier going for the slightly less expensive headphones.

Terms and Conditions

Either way, customers are advised to remember they can claim their gift only after the 30-day cooling off period and the 14-day installation period have both passed, making for a 44-day wait in total.

More importantly, customers who've moved from a previous supplier and had to pay an exit fee for leaving early may want to note that, in taking their gift, they'll lose their eligibility to receive £100 in credit from Vodafone.

Given that this is used to cover their expenses in leaving early, customers who are in this situation would therefore need to consider whether they value the credit more, or one of the gifts being offered.

If they'd been after, say, a new speaker for a while it will probably be fine for them to forego their £100 credit. Otherwise, they may be better off sticking with the payment.

Still, regardless of their choice, the existence of both enticements shows that Vodafone are entirely serious about proving themselves as an ISP, and as a provider of excellent customer service, which is something else they've been working on recently.

Yet only time will tell if gifts are enough for them to emerge as a serious threat to the likes of BT and Virgin Media.

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