EE bundle Xmas gadgets with new mobile phone deals

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By Simon Chandler

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EE have launched a range of new mobile phone bundles for Christmas, with customers now able to receive an extra gadget with selected deals.

Customers taking a pay monthly deal and certain Sony phones, for example, will receive a PlayStation 4 and a copy of Gran Turismo Sport, so long as they place their order before December 21st.

Meanwhile, pay as you go customers have the option of buying a pair of Beats headphones at a discount of £39.95, while customers looking for tablets and mobile broadband are also being offered significant savings.

And while all these offers come with the now familiar disadvantage of being open for the most part only to those taking the more expensive products, they set the bar high for Christmas deals, and throw down the gauntlet to EE's rivals.

PlayStation Christmas

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While EE have provided a little something for almost every kind of product they sell, the most immediately appealing offers are reserved for pay monthly deals.

For example, the following pay monthly deals that take particular Sony handsets will come bundled with a PlayStation 4 and a copy of Gran Turismo Sport:

HandsetDataContractMonthly priceUpfront cost
Sony Xperia XZ15GB per month24 months£47.99£0
Sony Xperia L15GB per month24 months£27.99£0
Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact5GB per month24 months£42.99£0
Sony Xperia XA15GB per month24 months£32.99£0
Sony Xperia XZ Premium5GB per month24 months£52.99£0
Sony Xperia XZ5GB per month24 months£47.99£0

Of course, it's still possible to take all six of the above Sony smartphones without the PlayStation 4, and customers will pay less per month if they do so.

For the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact, to take only one, customers will pay £42.99 a month with the PlayStation, and £32.99 a month without the games console.

Carried over 24 months, this equals a price difference of £240, and interestingly enough, it's possible (as of writing) to purchase a PlayStation 4 with a copy of Gran Turismo Sport from Amazon UK for £229.99.

That said, the £32.99 pay monthly XZ1 Compact plan comes with only 1GB of data a month, whereas for the offer EE are providing from November 8th until December 21st, they're providing 5GB.

As such, for those who do eat up considerable amounts of data, the phone-PlayStation 4 bundle does arguably offer better value for money.

Google, Samsung and Apple

Yet the Sony deals aren't the only special bundles EE are offering until Christmas.

For Google fans, it's possible to get the Pixel 2 with a Google Home thrown in for £62.99 a month. The deal comes with a £9.99 upfront cost and 40GB of monthly data.

Next up, for Samsung lovers, is the Samsung VR Collection EE are bundling with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8+.

This collection includes the Samsung Gear VR headset, a Gear 360 camera and a 64GB memory card, which together are worth £299.99.

By comparison, the saving a customer can make over 24 months when taking the Samsung S8 on its own is in fact £360, although once again the normal deal comes with much less data (3GB compared to 40GB).

And finally, turning to Apple, it's possible to get BeatsX headphones with a variety of iPhones, from the iPhone SE and 6 right up to the iPhone 8 and X.

Save as you go

And speaking of Beats, customers can pay only £50 for Beats EP headphones (saving £39.95) when taking a variety of pay as you go handset deals, covering such phones as the LG K4 2017 (£79.99 with a £10 monthly top up) and the Alcatel U5 (£59.99 with a £10 monthly top-up).

Christmas is all about giving, so we're pleased to be unveiling our best Christmas deals yet. With loads of great smartphone bundles offering amazing tech, customers will be able to get a great new phone for them, and a great gift for a friend or loved one
Max Taylor, EE MD of Marketing

EE have also discounted the Apple iPad 9.7 32GB upfront fee they usually charge for the tablet, reducing it from £149.99 to only £49.99, with the plan costing £34 per month for 10GB of data.

Similarly, they've slashed the prices on their 4GEE WiFi Mini and the Buzzard 2 in-car WiFi mobile broadband products. Each of these can be had with 50GB of data a month for only £30.50, which is 50% off the usual monthly price.

Christmas presents

Clearly, EE are having something of a deals bonanza, although as with certain previous offers, their latest special bundles can be charged with being focused mostly on the higher-end of what they offer.

As a result, they're guilty of excluding a large portion of their customers, while it's likely that some of the bundles don't offer massive value, at least not if the customer doesn't share EE's well-established love for masses of data.

Still, with certain others, there are modest savings to be had, and if the customer is one of those who does need buckets of extra data, then he or she may end up being quite pleased this Christmas.

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