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How to compare BT, Sky and Virgin TV

How to get the best deals when you're paying for TV.

Sky or Virgin Media: which is better?

How do you choose between these two home media giants? We took a look.

Budget broadband battle: TalkTalk vs Plusnet

Neither is cheapest any more, but what do the most widely available budget ISPs offer?

How good is Vodafone as a mobile network?

Good network reliability, but their customer service has been shaky lately - are Vodafone worth it?

What happens to my email address when I switch provider?
Is Virgin available in my area?
Could Virgin Media expand to my area?
Which ISP has the best customer service?
What kind of mobile can I get for less than £50?

The relaunch of the Nokia 3310 got us wondering: what sort of mobile can you get for less than £50?

What are the best mid-range smartphones?

Looking for a good value mid-range mobile phone? We look at five of the best for under £400.

What are the best budget smartphones?

Don't expect superfast processors or amazing cameras, but you may be surprised by what's available.

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Plusnet and Pulse8 offer reductions on broadband

Plusnet's special offer comes after they increased their broadband prices in September.

TalkTalk customers targeted by call centre scam

Fraudsters obtained customer information from a data leak at a third party contractor.

Housing crisis won't end without action on broadband gap

The UK's digital divide acts as a brake on a more balanced population distribution.

Digital exclusion requires education as well as 'free' broadband

Leeds City Council also propose a tablet lending scheme for digitally excluded adults.

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