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How to compare BT, Sky and Virgin Media for TV

Who offers the best deals on TV? We compare the main providers.

Sky or Virgin Media: which is better?

How do you choose between these two home media giants? We took a look.

TalkTalk or Plusnet for budget broadband

Neither is cheapest any more, but what do the most widely available budget ISPs offer?

How good is Vodafone as a mobile network?

Good network reliability, but their customer service has been shaky lately - are Vodafone worth it?

How to protect your wireless router
Is Virgin Media's Tivo any good?
Can I get Virgin Media in my area?
Could Virgin Media expand to my area?
How to help get other people online

Ways you can help other people get online and start using the Internet.

How to watch Sky Sports online

Want to watch the big match but won't be able see it on TV? Here's how to get Sky Sports online.

Sky Sports or BT Sport: who has the best fixtures?

BT Sport or Sky Sports: which pack is better value, and where can we get them cheapest?

Latest news and updates in personal finance

Virgin Media launch new customer service app

The app can be downloaded for free and used by all Virgin Media customers.

Virgin Media warn customers over router hacking risk

The scare isn't the first to have affected the Super Hub 2.

UK broadband needs more than an Openreach rebrand

Completely rebranding newly independent Openreach won't be finished until 2021.

Outage shows how broadband problems are a fact of life

Because broadband is infrastructural it can never be 100% reliable.

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