Media frequently asked questions

6 December 2016 (last updated)
Can I unlock my phone?
1 December 2016 (last updated)
Why do mobile phone speakers sound so bad?
31 October 2016 (last updated)
Can I get a home phone without a credit check?
31 October 2016 (last updated)
When am I a new customer?
12 October 2016 (last updated)
Can you get cheap line rental and broadband separately?
30 September 2016 (last updated)
When do I need a TV Licence?
25 August 2016 (last updated)
Why can't I manage my TV subscription through my TV?
17 August 2016 (last updated)
When does pay TV beat Freeview?
9 August 2016 (last updated)
How much broadband usage do I really need?
27 May 2016 (last updated)
How much does it cost to cancel my broadband?
21 July 2015 (last updated)
What does it cost to reconnect to BT?
2 July 2015 (last updated)
How much does it cost to call 0870 and 0845 numbers?
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