Plusnet and Virgin Mobile offer extra SIM-only data

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By Simon Chandler

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PLUSNET have more than doubled the amount of data they provide on their £10 SIM Only plan, offering 5GB per month instead 2GB until October 24th at midnight.

Similarly, Virgin Mobile have tripled the amount of data they offer on their £9, £12 and £13, providing 3GB, 6GB and 9GB until the end of the month.

Yet these virtual mobile network operators (VMNO) aren't the only providers to increase their SIM only data allowances via special offers, with EE, Vodafone, Three and O2 all running SIM only offers and deals of one kind or another, some of which are more generous than either Plusnet's or Virgin's.


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First up, Plusnet are enhancing their £10 a month SIM only package until October 24th, boosting the monthly data allowance from 2GB to 5GB.

The plan comes with a 30-day contract, and also comes with the following features:

Monthly feeDataMinutesTexts
£105GB (was 2GB)1500Unlimited

Plusnet also boast that it comes with Roam Like at Home, which lets customers roam for free in the EU. However, given that all mobile providers are now obligated by European law to provide free roaming in EU (although some were reportedly cutting corners on this), it's not exactly a bonus anymore.

Other than that, there's nothing much else to note, except that Plusnet run on EE's network, making the 4G speeds they offer some of the fastest in the industry.

Virgin Mobile

More impressively than Plusnet's offer, however, are the three special SIM only deals Virgin Mobile are promoting until the end of the month.

As shown in table below, they triple the data allowance on Virgin's three mid-tier plans.

Monthly feeDataMinutesTexts
£93GB (was 1GB)1500Unlimited
£126GB (was 2GB)2500Unlimited
£139GB (was 3GB)2500Unlimited

While Virgin are seemingly more generous in tripling their data, their £9 plan - which is the closest to Plusnet's £10 deal - comes with 3GB even with the tripling, whereas Plusnet's now comes with 5GB.

That said, Virgin throw in a couple of nice perks, with the most notable being their zero-rating of Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. What this means is that customers can use these three apps on their mobile without using up their data allowance, effectively increasing this allowance.

And if this weren't enough, Virgin also let customers roll over their unused data at the end of the month, increasing their total allowance even further.

EE, O2 and Vodafone

Yet as enticing as the two above special offers may be, the Big Four operators are also running SIM only deals of their own in October.

To begin with, EE are offering their 12-month 20GB SIM only package at £21 a month, which is impressive insofar as their 20GB plan was £34.99 not so long ago.

Once again, this deal runs until midnight on October 24th, which is also when another 12-month EE SIM only deal ends, providing 25GB for £26 a month.

And in addition to plenty of data, the two plans provide the following:

Monthly feeDataMinutesTexts

It's interesting that EE are offering a 20GB deal for £21, since the next provider on our list - O2 - are offering exactly the same deal, reducing their 20GB SIM Only plan by £13.99 to the same £21.

Unlike EE's offer, O2's ends on November 1st (rather than October 24th), yet in all other aspects the details are the same.

As such, the decision on which deal to go for comes down to which is the better operator, with EE offering superior speeds and O2 offering better customer service.

Yet things get more complicated when, perhaps unsurprisingly, it's realised that Vodafone are also competing to attract new customers, offering almost exactly the same deal as EE and O2.

Except theirs provides 20GB for £20, giving customers a £1 saving compared to the other two, at least until October 31st.

OperatorMonthly feeDataMinutesTexts


Then there's Three, who despite not offering a discounted 20GB deal, have been offering a hefty 30GB of data a month for only £18 for quite some time now.

This plan comes with unlimited texts and calls, and it comes with Three's Go Binge service, which provides free data for a number of apps.

In fact, it won the Deal of the Year award at this year's Mobile Consumer Awards, suggesting that, even if it isn't a special offer, it's the best for those who get through quite a bit of mobile data each month.

Yet for those who don't eat up all that much data, and who want to spend less than £18, Plusnet's and Virgin Mobile's new offers are a good way to go.

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